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Today’s Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging is the letter E.  E is for Editing and Engagement.

Editing.  Editing is a really important step in composing a blog post and is worth spending some time on.  Once a post has been written, reading back through it slowly and out loud can help with finding any problems with any grammar or punctuation errors, or even sentences that don’t flow properly.  I like to write a post, leave it for a day, saving it as a draft, then re-visiting it to read through and make any sentence and grammar changes.  While in the editing stage I will make sure all spellings are correct and add in any links I want to include before scheduling a time for the post to be published.

Engagement.  Engagement is often thought of as comments being left on a published post but in reality, it is so much more than that.  Engagement encompasses things like post stats, amount of time visitors spend on that post and where they go on your blog from that point.  Engagement can help you to see which topics appeal to your audience most and can help to shape your blog for the future.

What other “E” words can you think of that are relevant to blogging?  What are your thoughts on editing and engagement?  I’d love to hear your comments so let me know below!

6 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – E

  1. I hardly do either of these! Lol I’ve never been one to really “edit” my blogging. It’s my personal blog and I’m not in it to be famous so I don’t really put in that effort. I will type it, read it over once, post it.

    My engagement is slowly going down. I don’t have the time or the energy to do it! This new job has messed up my schedule and now that quarantine thing. Man it’s hard lol I try to interact with the small number of blogs I personally follow. That’s hard enough. But to engage with the new AtoZ? I don’t think I’ll get there haha

    1. My engagement has gone down but I’m blaming it on my stupid internet and lack of posts for a bit! In all honesty though, I tend to glance at the stats and just carry on a lot of the time! I need to get back into reading the blogs I follow more! I had a routine that has just vanished and I want to start getting rig back into it! Xxxx

      1. My routine has died as well. I’ve considered just not stopping altogether but I also really love my little blog and it’s been here for almost 5 years now haha I can’t believe I’ve kept it up so much! But my engagement has gone done. The blogs I read and enjoy no longer engage with my blog, some of the people who do engage with my blog I don’t engage with them. Kinda sucks the fun out of it

  2. I have been doing Editing now with the A-Z Challenge, but usually I wing it. You can’t really edit your True Life.
    This one was great, by the way. Your best so far in the challenge, I think.

  3. I always try to leave my posts overnight so I can see them with fresh eyes and edit before publishing.

    Experience – writing a post from personal and/or professional experience of a topic? Just a thought 😉

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