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Todays Blogging from A-Z letter is F and in my A-Z of Blogging, F stands for Facebook, Followers and Forward Planning.

Facebook.  Facebook is a brilliant tool for promoting your blog posts to friends and family.  It is also a useful tool to find other bloggers groups where you can share your blog posts or ask questions, find help and support or other like-minded bloggers to network with.

Followers.  Followers are the readers who like your blog and want to keep up with all of your blog posts.  Most blogging platforms have an option to follow a blog and new posts from the blogs that are followed will appear in a separate place along with other blogs that they follow.  While followers are a brilliant thing to have, it is worth remembering not to get too hung up on how many followers you do or don’t have, many people may not use a blogging platform and just save your URL  to their favourites on their computer and visit you that way.

Forward Planning.  Forward planning is an essential part of blogging for many bloggers.  Forward planning enables you to plan what you are going to write and when it will be published to your blog allowing you to spread your blog posts over the month.  All you need is a diary or a spreadsheet that is set up like a calendar where you can jot down ideas for posts against the dates you would like them to appear.    I like to use a spreadsheet as I can place ideas against dates and move them about if I decide to write something else for that day.

What are your thoughts on Facebook, followers and forward planning?  I’d love to hear them so let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – F

  1. I hardly ever use Facebook for myself. I tried to set up a blog account but it was only there for about a month and then I deleted it. Too much work. I’m not here to be famous or reach lots of people so I’m ok with that.

    I hardly ever plan lol now that I’m working in the mornings and my writing time is gone, I set a schedule for posts but that’s about as much planning as I do.

    1. I’ve got a Facebook page for my blog but I can’t remember the last time I actually used it! Lol! I love your blog as it is always from the heart and like a diary so I don’t think forward planning would fit with blogs like yours, the personality and feelings would be lost I think! Xxx

      1. Yeah that’s true. This year since I’ve been bleh at blogging I have scheduled a lot of posts, kids say on Thursday and my own posts on Tuesday and Saturday so I will write a post and schedule it for one of those days but that’s about it lol

  2. I’m big on forward planning. It allows for more creativity and frees up so much of my time. I’ve got Wednesday posts written right into June. Woot woot!

    1. That’s brilliant to hear! It stops you worrying and stressing about things doesn’t it? And I find that I have so many ideas for future posts if I’m on schedule and have already completed as much forward planning as I can! Xxx

  3. I haven’t yet opened up my blog to google as I don’t have much confidence in the platform.
    It has taken me a while to open up on word press but I feel that I am amongst like minded people generally.
    I suppose really Suzi, to a certain extent I am quite a private person but have developed my writing enough & got to know fellow bloggers on this platform enough to develop my writing.
    I enjoy blogging & developing my site further but although I am a member of Facebook I prefer to keep the two sites seperate.
    I am not yet at the stage of forward planning although I have jotted down some blog post ideas.
    I am presently adjusting to my premature return from The Gambia on 16 March & the Covid 19 virus.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas & hope you are well 🙂

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