Top 10 Flat Lay Props

top 10 flat lay props

Since attending the Flat Lay Workshop at The Bloggers Bash I have been thinking about flat lay photography and creating a kit for myself so that I can use it in images for this blog in the future.  Today’s Top 10 Thursday post is a list of items I am considering in creating my kit.

  • A ring light for my phone.
  • A background, though at the moment I am unsure what I want to use as my background.
  • Fake flowers and foliage.
  • Ribbon and lace.
  • Patterned fabric, card, and papers.
  • Shells and pebbles.
  • Confetti.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Letters and numbers, though I’m not sure what style yet, though scrabble tiles are an option.
  • Wooden shapes.

What sort of things would you put in your flat lay kit?


The Bloggers Bash Review

The Bloggers Bash

I was going to write this post as a run through of the day but have decided to tell you all about my favourite parts of the day instead.

On Saturday morning my brother accompanied me to the Annual Bloggers Bash which took place in the Grange Wellington Hotel in Westminster in London.  We got the train from Lewisham to Victoria and walked the last part of the journey to the hotel which wasn’t too far away.  The weather was warm but overcast and there were dark rainclouds on the horison but the day remained dry and warm.

2 guest speakers had been invited to speak with us, Laura of Full To The Brum, a food blog based in Birmingham, and G X Todd, an author.  Both speakers were really interesting.  Laura spoke about how she has evolved from writing about food and drink on her blog to writing features for magazines and newspapers, her love of newsletters and about the struggles related to social media.  G X Todd, (also know as Gemma) took us through her journet to becoming an author, her inspirations and how things have changed for authors in the modern, internet and social media age.  I found both speakers to be really interesting and have given me food for thought.  From Laura, I left thinking about my personal brand and making my blog my own and from Gemma it was that we should all take what we do seriously.

There was a question and answer session with Esther Chiltern – a writer, tutor and blog tutor, Shelley Wilson a self help, motivation, holistic health and personal development blogger, and Laura (from above.). Questions posed to the panel were varied and the answers given were really interesting.  There was a question about blog awards, such as the Liebster and Sunshine blog awards that are given by bloggers to other bloggers, and the panel gave answers that they found the awards to be motivational, fun, encouraging, a way to network and find new content.  Another interesting question was with regards to newlsetters and what they were.  I was a bit unsure about what a newsletter was so the answers were really useful to me – they are a way to share interesting things, content that has not been blogged about, a bit like a parish newsletter.  Newsletters can be more personal and contain things that are important or personal to you, they can take the form of a letter and be written in a chatty, informal way.  Newsletters can also provide a way to provide extra content and add value to your blog.

A Flat Lay Workshop had been organised for us, hosted by Sacha Black and Suzie.  We were talked through the basic concept of the flat lay, Suzie and Sacha both created an example to show us before we were challenged to create our own.

Once we had the basics down, it was just a case of tweaking the layout and moving things around slightly, taking photos along the way to check how everything looked through the lens.  We spoke about lighting and filters to improve our layouts and really make them pop.


This was my favourite image which I then lightened using Instagram (you can view the image here).  The workshop was really useful and even my brother enjoyed it!

I also got to meet some bloggers, some that I follow and others that are new to me!  I do struggle with meeting people and get super anxious due to my aspergers but the people that I met were really lovely!  I met Simon from Planet Simon, my blog friend since I started this blog and now a real life friend!  he was lovely, and it was so nice to be able to meet the face behind the blog.  I also met Adam Dixon of AdamDixonFiction, Marje of MJMallon, Marian Wood of JustMuddlingThroughLife, Willow Willers of Willowdot21, and Jemima Pett of  All were really welcoming and friendly and lovely to speak with!

I had a really brilliant day and I can’t wait for the next one to roll around!!!!

Current Interior Trends – Summer

Current Interior Trends

Just like clothing trends change from season to season so do interior trends, today I am sharing a few trends that are set to become fairly big over the summer months.

  • Colour

Colours which are going to be popular in the summer are neons, the brighter the better!  These will pair well with colours such as grey, sand and lighter natural colours.

Another colour that is going to be fairly big this summer is sunset reds, pinks and oranges.  Again these tones will work well with neutrals and also neons.  One thing though, try not to clash your neons with any kind of pinky coloured walls, rather opt for pink and orange neons to mix and add pops of colour to give a more thoughtful effect.

  • Texture

Plain rustic wood which is left unfinished, added as furniture items (think tables and shelving) is perfect for a light, relaxed, casual summer vibe in the home.

Crochet texture is also something to consider adding through the addition of throws or cushion covers, think bohemian chic and you are well on the way to embracing this trend.

  • Shape

Spring was all abut geometric shapes with sharp edges but summer gives way to softer, more rounded shapes, think scallops on chairs, more natural forms and less sharp edges.

  • Fabric

Think tactile as far as fabrics go, whether it is curtains, rugs, cushion covers or upholstery, anything that looks or feels touchable.  Velvet is still a popular choice along with suede and other soft feel fabrics, however, rugs and mats can be made from seagrass or other natural fibres should be considered too.

  • Print

Tropical print is really having a moment right now, think accent walls with covered large green leafy printed wallpaper or windows accented with printed curtains.  Animal print has never really left us but is making big waves in the home this season, the easiest way to add this is with bedding, add a bit and see if it is something you like then add more.  Mixing animal prints can create a bold, statement area and is worth thinking about and experimenting with.

  • Accessories

Anything pearlescent or finished with a pearl effect will look lovely and add a summery, on-trend feel to the home.  Look for ornaments, vases,  picture frames, mirrors and other little accessories that you can easily incorporate into a room.  Silver, gold and rose gold, brass in the matte finish are also set to be big additions.

Anything that has an arts and crafts feels is also going to be pretty big this season, with vases, catch-all dishes, to homeware such as plates and mugs in ceramics with a hand made feel are perfect for this.

  • Look and feel

When thinking about pulling a room together take inspiration from 70’s Scandi style, the bohemian movement and anything that is light and airy.  Textures and fabrics can make a room, and having several different textures going on, in the same colour pallet is a simple way of creating a style.  Even if you don’t go full out on a style just switching things up here and there, adding elements that you like can bring about a different feel to space!

As with all trends, it is about finding things that you like and having fun with them!

Let me know what summer interior trends you are loving in the comments!!!



Saturday Shout Out


Saturday Shout Out gives you all a chance to meet some new bloggers, find new blogs to read or get your blog noticed a bit more.  It is my way of thanking the blogging community for being so supportive of me and my little blog and introducing new blogs that you may not have seen or read before.

What this means…

Every saturday I will choose one blog, share a bit about it along with your blog link.  I will also share your blog to my Instagram account and my Twitter account.

If you are interested in taking part then drop me an email to  with Saturday Shout Out as the subject line and I will send you a form to fill out!S

Weekly Roundup 09/06/19 – 15/06/19

  • Sunday 09/06/19

It was one of those really lazy days today. I woke late and eased myself into the day with a coffee. I sat and worked on some blog posts for much of the day, in between getting 2 loads of washing done and some cleaning and tidying. My friend surprised me with a visit in the early evening which was nice. We sat and watched some things on Netflix and chatted. Roxy got spoiled as always with lots of cuddles and treats!

  • Monday 10/06/19

Work seemed to zoom by! I spent much of the day collating statements ready to send out to our payees and I still have more to finish tomorrow before they go in the post. After work I headed home, my friend came over for food. We didn’t do much but it was nice to sit and watch tv. After my friend had gone home, I prepared my lunch for the following day and headed to bed to read for a bit with Roxy.

  • Tuesday 11/06/19

Finished collating the statements in work and got them all into the post today, I then worked on a pile of stuff for payment next month. It’s weird doing a payments job sometimes, I always seem to forget which month we are in, I process pay that is based on things from the previous month to be paid for the following so never really “live” in the present month. Right now we are processing items that happened in May for pay in July. No wonder I can’t keep track of the days or months at times!

  • Wednesday 12/06/19

I worked today but got to leave at 3 because I had built up enough flexi-time! I got home and packed Roxy’s things as she is going to stay with her hooman Daddy while I am away in London. He came to collect her when I got home from work. Spent the evening sorting out what I wanted to take with me to London for my trip and starting to pack my things! It was really odd not having Roxy at home with me.

  • Thursday 13/06/19

Had work again today which went by without anything interesting happening! After work I had to drop my car down to my parent’s house, my Dad is going to give it a service while I’m away. My friend followed me down to Mum and Dads to be able to give me a lift home, we had a lovely evening with them, had a nice catch-up and a cup of tea before heading back. I finished packing and had a shower and went to bed once I’d got in.

  • Friday 14/06/19

Up early this morning, 4:30am, as my friend was sticking me up at 5:30am to take me to the bus stop for my bus to London. It rained a lot in the night which kept waking me up but, weirdly, I don’t feel too tired at the moment!  Got to my brothers at around 11:00 and had a cup of coffee, lunch and then went for a walk.  We came back to his house and chilled for a bit before going to collect my niece and nephew from school.  We came back and played with the kids before my sister in law came home from work.  My brother cooked us dinner and then we went for another walk and a visit to the local pub rounded off the night.

  • Saturday 15/06/19

Woke up from a lovely sleep and had a shower before we all sat and had breakfast of banana pancakes!  We got dressed, my brother and I got ready to head to Westminster.  We got the train from Lewisham to Victoria and then walked to the Grange Wellington Hotel for the 5th Bloggers Bash!  We had a really lovely day and learned a lot, it was really interesting to listen to all of the speakers and their experiences.  We also had a flat lay workshop that was brilliant!  We headed back to Victoria and back to the house.  Feeling tired now!

Saturday Shout Out – Wood Create!!!

Shout Out to Wood Create!!!

Today’s shout out goes to Wood Create, a new to me blog that has been running for just under 2  years!

Wood Create is a blog about gardening and home improvements that offers lots of inspiration and ideas for your home and garden.

Ben, who runs Wood Create, talks about some of his favourite posts…

My favourite post also happens to be my most popular. How to build your own veranda. I get lots of views and interaction from this post which is very rewarding to know that people are interested in what I do and to know I’m helping similar minded people.

My second favourite post is ‘How to build your own shed from scratch’. I loved carrying out this project, documenting each step and then writing about it for my blog. Again it was great to provide content for like-minded people who are taking on similar challenges to me.

Lastly, ‘£50 credit and 4 more reasons to choose renewable energy company Bulb’. There’s something in this one for everyone, including me. Renewable energy is the future, vitally important to the planet and this company offers great rates and credit for referrals. Win, win. 😊

A fun fact about Wood Create, which is also really lovely is

This is a family run blog and shop in which we all get involved, even our kids who are 4 and 6 years old. Everyone has something to share on the blog and we all get involved with making and creating to add new and exciting content for all to read.

I have really enjoyed reading the posts that Ben has written, especially building your own shed for under £500!  I am thinking about adding a shed to my garden at some point and this has been so interesting and helpful to read!

You can find Wood Create over at




If you haven’t already, please go and check out Wood Create, it really is a fab blog packed full of interesting projects!

Bloggers Bash

Today’s blog post is being written on a coach as I make my way from my home to London for the weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this trip as, not only am I getting to spend some time with my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew, I’m also going to be attending the Bloggers Bash!

I was up super early this morning, 4:30am and getting ready for my trip, made myself a flask for coffee for the journey and headed to the bus stop, (with thanks to my lovely friend for the lift down), to await the bus that would pick me up at 6:05am.

Luckily the bus was on time, and so far the journey has gone without a glitch. It’s been raining pretty much non stop since last night and showers are forecast for the day and for tomorrow which is a bit disappointing as it’s June and we should be having hot, sunny weather by now. Personally though, I don’t mind travelling when the temperatures are a bit cooler as it can get a bit unpleasant if it’s too hot!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you going to the Bloggers Bash? Let me know in the comments!!!

Top 10 Good Blogger Habits

Top 10 Good Blogger Habits

As a blogger, there are so many habits that you should form in order to improve your blogging experience, your reader’s experience and to make blog life a whole lot more interesting.  Today’s Top 10 focuses on my all time Good Blogger Habits.

  • Be consistent.  Whether you post once a month, once a week, or every day, make sure that you post consistently.  Your readers are more likely to return if they know when to expect a blog post from you.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar check.  Bad spelling, grammar and punctuation can stop so many people from reading a post, and with so many different tools available to assist with checking that it is worth running checks before posting.  I am currently using Grammarly which has been really easy to install and use.
  • Images.  I love looking at images contained in blog posts and there are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to adding an image that it can sometimes be hard to work out what image is best.  My basic rule is that the image should be clear, well lit and not contain too much clutter and that it should be relevant to the post.  Do not add images that are not relevant just because you think a post needs it.  I would much rather read a post with no images than one that is peppered with irrelevant pictures.
  • Connect.  Find other bloggers who write about things that you are interested in or that write in your niche, join in with conversations in the comments and take part in some things that other bloggers run.
  • Be true to yourself.  Write about what you are interested in.  Your hobbies, interests, ambitions, skills, what you live for.  People are much more interested in a post that is written with a passion behind it than a post that you have forced yourself to write that covers something that you have no interest in.
  • Share what you are comfortable with.  If you are not comfortable sharing certain topics with friends and family then don’t share them online.  Only ever write what you are comfortable with everyone and anyone knowing.
  • Schedule.  When you have an idea and the urge to write, sit and utilise that.  I often batch write 3 or 4 posts at a time and make use of the schedule button as I never know when I may not feel like writing.  There really is no shame in scheduling posts in advance.  (Here’s a secret… I wrote this on saturday08/06/19!)
  • Categories and Tags.  Make use of categories and tags.  My one rule is that each post should have one category and up to 10 tags, no more.  I have categories for each type of post that I have and then use the tags to add more info about the post.
  • Check your appearance.  Not so much your own appearance, but your blog’s appearance.  Check how it displays on tablets, mobile phones and computer screens.  So many people use an array of devices these days to read blogs so it is worth making sure that everything on your blog displays perfectly across all devices.
  • Have fun.  Fun is a huge factor in blogging.  It is what keeps me coming back time and again to write and create posts and content.  Remember that it is your blog and you can do with it what you want.  And when the fun starts to wain think of ways you can bring the fun back!  (Ask questions of your audience, read other blogs in your niche to see what they are writing about, use a search engine…there are lots of ideas out there if you start to look!)

I Heart Revolution Review

Eyeshadow Review

About a month or so ago I was perusing my local Superdrug aisles looking for some inspiration for a new makeup look.  I had decided that, as summer was coming I wanted to freshen up my makeup, the easiest way being through eyeshadow.  My eye was drawn to the I Heart Revolution display – it is a very eye-catching display that is chock full of fun looking makeup in so many different colours!  I spent an age looking at all the different things that they have available (and have added a ton to my wishlist!!!) and finally decided to purchase the Unicorn Eyeshadow Kit.

Take your eye game to the next level. Starring nine dreamy shades from soft lilac to sparkling silver in matte and shimmer finishes, this magical palette is perfect for getting your beauty look down from day to night.


There are 9 shadows in a white plastic pallet which has a clear, hinged lid.  The shadows are a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, 4 that is shimmer and 4 that are matte and one that looks a bit shimmery but applies more of a matte (the dark purple in the bottom right corner).

I love the packaging, it is nice to have a pallet that uses white as the casing rather than black, the clear lid is printed with metallic (almost mirror finish) pink wording and little stars.

The theme of “Unicorns” is apparent in the shadow which features raised unicorn heads on the shadow.  It all looks very cute.


The shadow doesn’t come with any names but here is a brief description from my own perspective…

Top Row (L to R)

  • Matte lavender
  • Pearlescent white
  • Matte bright pink

Middle Row (L to R)

  • Metallic bright silver
  • Matte pale baby pink
  • Metallic pale yellow

Bottom Row (L to R)

  • Mattte mid-tone pinkish purple
  • Metallic pale blue toned purple
  • And lastly, the undecided matte/metallic deep purple
In natural light

I swatched the shadows, using one swipe of each colour (the order is the same as given above) and you can see that the colours are fairly bright and apply evenly.  I did struggle to capture the matte pale baby pink and the metallic pale yellow which is a shame as in person they appear much brighter!

The application, as I said above, is fairly even and all apply with the same consistency.  I have found that they have not creased at all during a days wear (average of 8 hours), they blend easily and remove really well.  In the past, I have had issues with bright pink shadow pigment staining my skin but I am pleased to say that there are no staining issues from these!!!

I have surprised myself with how much I have been reaching for this pallet and that I have used all of the colours, normally with ant pallet I have a tendency to use the same 2 or 3 shades and ignore the rest!

I have used this shadow pallet for work, home and going out looks and some of my favourite looks are to use the matte pale baby pink over my whole lid and then complete the look with a swipe of eyeliner and some mascara.  The bright pink teams well with a silver inner eye and the deep purple used in the socket area.  I have used the metallic pale yellow all over my eye and then the matte bright pink in the outer corners of my eye with the silver on the inner corners.  The metallic pale blue toned lavender tends to get paired with either the silver or pearlescent white to accent the eye.

Have you got any favourite makeup pallets that you use?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!