Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – D


Today the Blogging from A-Z Challenge letter is D and as my theme is the A-Z of Blogging I will be covering the following topics – Demographic, Domain and Do’s and Don’ts.

Demographic.  A demographic is a set of people grouped together by any given trait – for example, women under 50, men over 40.  For bloggers, your demographic is your target audience, but not necessarily the audience you write for, its the readers who visit your blog.  You may think you are writing for a mid-30’s businesswoman who wants to make the most of her spare time but you may attract such readers like mothers, older or younger people and knowing your demographic can help you to write better posts that appeal to them even more.  There are several ways of finding out your demographic from using stats and analytics tools to polls and reading the comments that readers leave, however you find out your demographic appeal doesn’t really matter just that you know the kinds of people that are visiting your blog so you can create more targeted content for them and keep them coming back time and again.

Domain.  The domain is the address of your website, most free blogs have a “” format and you can usually drop the “blogprovider” part by paying a subscription to your provider.  It is worth thinking about what you want to call your blog and how the domain will appear.  You should make the domain simple, memorable and uncomplicated.  Once you have chosen the name for the domain it is worth checking social media sites and google to see if that name is already in use before committing to that name.  Once you have created your domain name, set up an email account that you can use specifically for your blog and blog-related things then sign up to all social media sites and secure your user name on them too, even the sites you may not use at present, as you never know when you may want to use them in the future.

Do’s and Don’ts.  There are a ton of different do’s and don’ts in the blog world so I won’t cover them all here but a few basics are…

  • Do leave comments on blogs you read that are relevant to the topics covered.
  • Don’t just leave random “follow me” or “check out my blog” comments.
  • Do find other blogs that are in a similar niche to you, read them and follow them.
  • Don’t just follow a ton of blogs to get people to follow you back.
  • Do leave a “like” for posts that you have genuinely enjoyed reading.
  • Don’t scroll through someone’s blog and just like all their posts without reading them.
  • Do try to post regularly, whether it is once a month, week or day being consistent helps your followers to know when to expect a post.
  • Don’t spew out a ton of posts on one day and then post nothing for ages, try to stagger and schedule posts across a few days/weeks.

Do you have any other “D’s” to add?  I’d love to hear about them and any thoughts you may have, so leave me a comment!

9 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – D

  1. Oh my gosh I hate when people read my stuff and then are all like “hey I just wrote this check it out”. Unless it’s AtoZ then it’s expected LOL but like any other time no thank you!!!

    And the people who like 15 posts in 25 seconds? Yeah I know you’re not reading them! I honestly removed a lady from following my blog because she would “like” a post within a minute of it being released every time. No comments ever. I know she’s not reading it because I write a lot! And it’s impossible to read it that fast.

    I’m starting to fall into a bad routine with my blog and reading other people’s. I need to start commenting and engaging more often haha

    1. I’m still trying to catch up with reading other blogs and catching up on comments atm! I don’t know why but I’ve been finding that bit difficult since I had my unexpected (stupid internet) break! I had a routine before that which is seeming hard to get back into!

      I’ve blocked a few serial likers who just like a billion blog posts in the space of a few seconds! Can’t be dealing with the notifications, I’m sure some people think we won’t see when they like things! Xxxx

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