Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – C


Today’s Blogging from A-Z letter is C which, in my A-Z of Blogging means Call To Action, Categories, Comments and Costs.

Call to Action. A call to action is something that you add at the end of a blog post and asks your readers to do something,   This action could be “pop over to my Instagram account and follow me to see what I have been up to” or “let me known what you think of this post in the comments”.  It is something that you can use to interact with your readers and build up rapport.  If you want people to comment or follow you on other social media channels, or to subscribe to a mailing list it is worth including a call to action in your blog posts.

Categories.  Most blogging platforms allow you to add categories and tags to a blog post, I will be talking about tags later in this series so for now, I shall focus on categories.  I like to think about categories as an index system which allows readers to find other posts related to that category, whether it is “recipes” or “gardening tips”.  Categories help your reader to stay on your site for longer and read posts related to certain topics.  If a reader likes the post they have just read they can easily find other posts on the same topic if you add categories to each post you share.

Comments.  Comments are a brilliant way to engage with your readers and allow you to work out whether the things you post are having an impact.  They allow the reader to voice an opinion and let you know what they think about the topic you have covered.  When leaving a comment on another blog it is worth keeping in mind a few things – always be courteous, keep your comments relevant to the post and do not spam with “follow me”, “read my blog” or any other irrelevant comments.  I, personally, delete any comments that are not relevant to the post or my blog especially any “read my blog” comments as I don’t want my readers to be bombarded with anything that isn’t relevant to my post.

Cost.  Blogging can cost you thousands, or it can cost you nothing at all but it depends on what you want to do with your blog that matters most.  I pay for my .com web address and also for having a premium plan on WordPress.  If you are a hobby blogger then it may be worth just having the free services to start with then decide if you would like any extras that other plans can provide you.  My advice would be to start off with a free service and test it out before committing to a paid plan if you would like any other services.  I also pay for Canva which is a graphics software app that allows you to create banners, social media images and other things which can be useful blogging tools to add colour and pictures to your blog and social media feeds.  But, it is ok to blog for free, just remember that it is your space and you can do with it what you like, and just because it is free it doesn’t make you any less of a good blogger just like spending lots of money on a blog doesn’t automatically make you a good blogger.

Do you have any thoughts, comments or additions to the letter C of my A-Z of Blogging?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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      1. Hey Suzy,
        Am keeping on keeping on thanks n so far, so good 🙏. Hope all is well with you.
        The Gambia was good thanks. Did a few posts, journalled & had a nice time. So sad at the end not to be able to say goodbye to my many friends due to premature departure. So glad to arrive home safely thanks 🙏❤️.

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