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Today’s Blogging from A-Z ChallengeBlogging from A-Z Challenge is all about the letter B, and in my A-Z of Blogging, B stands for Backlinks, Blog Challenges, Bloggers Block and Breaks.

Backlinks.  Backlinks are nifty “mentions” by other websites who provide a link back to your blog and are used by places like Google to rank your website and helps them to decide whether your site is trustworthy.  A really good way to get mentions and link backs to your site is to take part in things like Awards (you can check out my post yesterday to read about what awards are) as, usually, with these awards, you thank the person that gave you the award before completing the tasks set for the award.  By paying these awards forward you can start to build-up backlinks.  The best kind of backlinks to get are from bigger, trusted websites so look for opportunities where you might be able to write a guest post or an interview for them (I was featured on Mind who have provided me with a link back to my blog).

Blog Challenges.  There are several different blog challenges, this one I am currently taking part in, Blogtober which takes place in October and Blogmas are the main ones that I try to take part in.  Other bloggers try to take part in NaNoWriMo which is the National Novel Writing Month.  Blog challenges can be both a blessing and a curse, there are many positives about undertaking a challenge – they push you to write nearly every day, help your writing skills, let you be more creative with your blog, give new ideas a try.  There are some downsides too if you are not used to writing everyday challenges can push you to your limits in terms of the amount of time it can take up. it can be intense and sometimes it can lead to things like burn out.  Before starting any challenge it is best to sit down and think about the topics you want to cover and the sort of things you want to write about and whether you can commit to it timewise.  But, they re fun and you meet some other lovely bloggers along the way.

Bloggers Block.  Bloggers block is much like writers’ block, you want to write but just end up sitting and staring at a blank screen for hours with this white noise fuzz in your head, and it is not fun, especially if you have a schedule and the pressure to produce something.  One way to avoid writers’ block is to always have a notebook or a note on your phone where you write down any ideas that you may have for future blog posts, it doesn’t matter if these never get written or the list ever read, but having a list is a great fall back to have if bloggers block strikes.

Breaks.  Taking a break from your blog every now and again is a really good idea, we all get some kind of annual leave allowance with our jobs which allow us to relax, recoup and re-energise ourselves and a break from blogging should be treated in much the same way.  If you are forever working on your blog and not really getting where you want it is probably a good time to schedule a blog break where you can step away and disengage yourself for a bit.  Taking a break can help you to re-think your blogging strategy and re-energise yourself, give you time to think and come up with fresh ideas.  Taking a break should be encouraged and is never a bad thing.

What are your thoughts on backlinks, blog challenges, bloggers blocks and breaks?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or any other “B”s that you could think of so leave me a comment!

5 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z – A-Z of Blogging – B

  1. Hi, Suzi, I agree about the Challenges. They can be hard to keep on with, but you learn things all the same. And it is a good way to ‘meet’ more like-minded bloggers. I was attracted to your blog title as I’m trying to add a little more colour to my life. Quite a challenge at the moment! Take care.

    1. Aw, thank you for your comment! I have done a few challenges and have met some really lovely bloggers along the way!!!! Hope you are staying safe and well xxxx

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