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Wednesday (3)

Do you ever feel like there is not enough day to your day?  This past few weeks, even with planning my time I have been feeling like I don’t have enough time to do everything and that I need more time at the end of each day to get everything done.

I feel that I am seriously in the catch-up zone…I need to catch up on blog posts (I have loads that I have planned to write but not yet gotten around to), responding to comments and e-mails, housework, reading, laundry and a load of other little things.

I know it is nothing major that I need to catch up on, and most of it can wait until another day, but I really hate being behind with things, especially when I try to plan things out so well.

I don’t think it has helped that my shoulder is still painful, or that I feel pretty tired when I get home from work either.

I have managed to finish my logo design for the work competition and I even put together a PowerPoint presentation so I could explain how I came to my final idea.  I am also halfway through getting Willow’s journal ready to send her (she won my giveaway!).  I have also been keeping up with Blogtober and also Inktober too so all is not lost!

Do you ever feel like you are playing catch-up?  How do you manage it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

19 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday

  1. Wow Suzi! You have a LOT going on! I am a planner as well. I like the routine of it all. And when I start to fall behind on that, then I start to stress out. Like even just today I have to deviate from my unit plan for science make it longer, probably just by like one day! Lol and I’m really anxious about it. Mostly because 14/25 kids in one class got less than 70% on their quiz (and quite a few with 0/6 or 1/6) and that shook my confidence. But still lol I have to replan and shift everything now and that’s not cool for my mind

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