Summer to Autumn Wardrobe Transition


Considering that it is still August, the weather recently has started to turn more autumnal.  The mornings and evenings are both starting to feel more chilly and I’m starting to think about my Autumn wardrobe.

Dressing in Autumn can be a bit hit or miss, some days it can still get really warm and others may be cooler and rainy and in order to feel comfortable in what I am wearing I need to dress for all sorts of weather.  This is where layers come in really handy!

I like to layer long-sleeved tops under my summer dresses and add a thin cardigan over the top, and should the day warm up I can remove the long top or cardigan and still feel comfortable.

Another thing I like to do is utilise my leggings, wearing them under long skirts or dresses, or beneath thin trousers, or I will don a pair of tights under more summery clothing.

Footwear can be an awkward thing to figure out, it can still be warm enough for sandals but too wet to actually wear them.  I really love lace-up canvas shoes in this transitional period as they are comfy to wear, can be bought in a ton of different colours, are light enough that feet don’t get overly hot but offer some protection from the weather.  Another thing I am a huge fan of is wearing boots with summer dresses and bare legs though this is something that I end up doing when the rain is tipping down or it is particularly chilly.

I pack a small umbrella in my bag that then comes everywhere with me for those times when the rain appears from nowhere.  I have a light mac that I wear over an outfit if the weather is set to be rainy much of the day or I pack a poncho if the day is set to be warm and wet.

How do you dress for the transition between seasons?  I’d love to hear about your outfit choices in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Summer to Autumn Wardrobe Transition

  1. It’s difficult to choose the clothes when the season is changing. Some fabrics seem to be too light while some look too thick. Some give us a lot of sweat suddenly while some leave us to face the chilled winds…. I’ll be facing the same after 2 months

  2. I still have a few weeks before this really starts in Canada, although last night I spent about two hours in a park with the guy and by the end, I was pretty chilly and only at 8 pm! But all year round I am a sweater girl, I think probably what you would consider a cardigan? A sweater that is open in the front? I have short sleeve and long sleeve ones, light and heavy material lol. In the summer I use the light ones to block the sun and in the winter the heavy ones for warmth. Fall gets the mix of both so I can cover up but still be warmish if I need it.

    1. We had a cold spell last week but this weekend has been hot! The temps have reached 27 degrees where I am!

      I love open cardis! I love wearing a belt over the top and holding it in place like that or wrapping up on them! Xxx

      1. It was a little chilly last week here as well! But back up to hot today! Hehe

        And oh yes! I bought 4 of the open cardigans 😂 easiest way to make a maybe semi-work appropriate shirt into a totally work appropriate shirt lol

      2. Haha! Yes! I always use them to cover my butt if I’m wearing something slightly too short or trousers that are a bit clingy too! Perfect for so many situations! Xxx

  3. I go from Black clothes to Black clothes – because my wardrobe is the same all year round – Black!

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