Top 10 Free (or cheap) Things to Do in the Summer Holidays

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  • Check out your local library and see what events they have on.  Many libraries have reading groups or storytelling times that can be fun to go to.  Even if the library isn’t holding an event you could get your child to pick out a book to take home and read together.  To make it even more fun you could suggest a theme for the book to have or a character (like monsters, or time travel).
  • Visit your local museum, often entry is free and there are so many things to look at and learn about.
  • Set a project for everyone to work on.  The project could be based around their favourite subject in school, where they live or any number of different things.  A fun one could be about the history of the area you live in or even your home or street.
  • Give your child an old digital camera and get them to document their day in photos.  At the end of the day get them to do a show and tell about their photos.
  • Cook something together.  Kids love to make things and this is a perfect activity to help them learn some essential skills.  Simple things like biscuits or a cake that can be enjoyed after dinner are good ideas to try!
  • Make a packed lunch and go exploring.  You could take them for a walk somewhere new, visit some woodland, walk up a mountain, go to a park, the list of places to go exploring are pretty endless!
  • If the weather is bad how about a PJ day?  Dig out the board games or a jigsaw and work on it together, watch some films, go through old photos together or read a book together.
  • Go on a bug-finding mission at a local park or in the garden, see how many different kinds of bug you can find, see if you can name them and find out about them on the internet.
  • Get them involved in something that you are doing or want to do, whether it is housework or decorating or something else.  Make it fun by setting challenges such as how quickly they can gather the laundry together and get it to the machine or see how many red things they can find that need to be put away.
  • Gardening is always a fun activity, whether you have plants that need re-potting or seeds that need to be planted, weeding that needs doing or a bed that needs digging over, get the kids to help.

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Free (or cheap) Things to Do in the Summer Holidays

    1. Thank you!!! So many people put off doing things in the holidays because the kids are around but I think getting them involved or being involved in what they are doing is fun! Xxx

    1. Indeed! There are too many screens in our lives now and this post was inspired by a conversation I was having the other day about when we were kids versus kids today xxx

      1. Sadly no comparison, you are younger than me and the generation that divides us is marginal in comparison to kids half your age and younger than me.

        When we were kids irrelevant to our respective age gaps we still did more than kids of today do, it’s sinful that kids don’t tend to get out as much now as they could and should 🙁

      2. It really is! I have friends whose kids don’t appear to have left the house all summer! When I was a kid I was forever in the garden or out somewhere! Xxx

      3. Me too! Though I’m sure if my mother knew what and where my brother and I were we’d have been in trouble! Lol! I’m so glad we never had mobile phones or social media in those days! Lol! Xxx

      4. Lol! I’ve just been reading, well, a short while ago about your Suze’s hospital trip… sending thoughts to you both! Hope she feels better soon and is home before you know it! Xxx

    1. Finally opened the box of ties! I’m so excited to start my project! And thank you so much for the pens! Someone pinched 2 of my previous ones and the rest are running low on ink!!! Xxx

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