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On a total flip side to last week’s “Words On Wednesday” where I wrote about how I felt a bit isolated in work, today’s post is all about being included and belonging.

Since I wrote last weeks “Words on Wednesday” post I have had lots of lovely comments from fellow bloggers with suggestions and other helpful ideas and also people sharing their feelings and stories too.  I began to realise, that although I don’t really feel like I fit in at work, I feel like I really belong here.

It struck me that blogging is one of the only places that we don’t get judged on how we look, our appearance, what we are currently wearing, our occupation, whether we are rich or poor, famous or not, whether we got good grades in school or whether we dropped out at the first opportunity, where we are from, our accent or dialect, the colour of our hair or skin, any medical conditions we may have, how we spend our time and all that other stuff that we get judged on in “real life”.  Blogging levels the playing field in so many ways.

And because of that levelling of the playing field, and we only really can judge on what each of us writes, I have found that the blogging community is far more accepting.  Since the first day I started blogging, I have never been made to feel awkward or stupid, I’ve never felt left out or singled out, I have always felt supported and able to ask advice and questions (no matter how silly they may have seemed) and I have always felt like I belong.

And that, that right there, that feeling of belonging, is what makes blogging so great. Each and every one of you have, in some way, helped me to feel like I belong.  And in turn I count each of you as one of my true friends.  And I really am very lucky to have you guys in my blog life!  Thanks so much for supporting me and reading and all the other great things you do!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday

  1. I, for one, must burst your bubble and say I do judge you on your hair…..every time I come here to comment I scroll down and see that awesome purple hair and I think to myself “UGH I want that hair!” lol and I am completely filled with jealousy, but in the most positive way hehe.

    I love the blogging community. I have felt so included and welcomed here. Although, sometimes people do surprise me. I’ve had a few who, for no reason I could think of, have flipped the tables on me. And I’ve had one that was being so very rude in my comments, refusing to see my point of view and only push his own. But I have lovely followers and they all supported me and some of them actually returned his hostility back to him lol It made me feel even more loved by my community.

    1. Lol! My hair is currently a red-orange colour! Think I’m going to go back to purple tho soon!

      I’ve been lucky and not had any commenters like that so far! Xxx

  2. Well Suzi I totally agree, I love the blogging community I have always found them accepting and helpful and caring.
    I am delighted we have all made you feel supported!
    And I am very glad that you have decided not to worry about the people at work 💜💜💜

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