Blog Planning

Blog Planning

I know that we are still in August but my thoughts have been steadily heading towards 2020 and where I want to take this blog in terms of content.  I have been looking at my stats and at what types of post do well and which seem to be lagging behind in terms of engagement.  I have decided in 2020 that some changes will be made to my blog posting schedule.

Because I want to change the frequency of some blog topics and move other things around I have decided to start the planning of my content schedule now.  By starting my planning so early on I can work out when I want to post certain things and move things around until I’m happy with them.

I am currently using Excel to work out my posting schedule.  For me, Excel is the best program to use as I can cut and paste things, move things around and colour code where needed.

I have made a start on things that will happen frequently (like my Saturday Shout Out slots) and other daily/weekly features and blocked out where I will be taking part in blog challenges (April’s A-Z Challenge, Blogtober and Blogmas) and I have also put in the days that are important to me (Mental Health Awareness Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year etc) and so far I am happy with how it is all looking!

One thing I am not doing just yet are the general posts which I will work into my schedule the month before and give me leeway with what I want to feature on my blog that month.

As a blogger, I think that it is really useful to craft yourself a schedule for posting and review what works and what doesn’t from time to time.  I think that by taking a look at your stats and being aware of the stats for each post can help you to keep things fresh on your blog.  And by keeping things fresh you are more likely to gain new readers, engage older followers and stay enjoying your blog content from your own, writing, perspective too!

Hopefully, come the end of December or the beginning of January I will be able to share the full plans for my blog and also the new and improved blog schedule!

What plans do you have for your blog in 2020?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Blog Planning

  1. I haven’t planned that far out yet. I’ve got some new things coming up on my blog soon, and I want to see how they do and then start planning from there.

  2. No plans for me! Except that I will have both my online web-series finishing up before the new year. Since I’m not sure how my new job is going to be going, I’m not planning anything for any aspect of my life lol. I would like to say that I’ll be doing A to Z again because I’ve done it four years in a row now and I really do enjoy it. But outside of that, no plans.

  3. Hopefully everything runs perfectly.. I’m still looking for some interesting topics to post on my blog because I’m still new to the blog world. Hopefully later I can learn a lot from you how to manage a good blog.

  4. Gosh, Suzi! You’re incredibly organised, I’ve not had chance to think what to do for my blog next year yet! I do like going with the flow though 💚

    1. I’m thinking of theming it too! I have a few loose ideas roaming round that might come into fruition! Did you get my email I sent you the other day? Xxx

  5. My blog is brand new, so planning is very important to me. I’d love to incorporate themed days – Halloween, Firework night, National chocolate day etc into my blog

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