Weekly Roundup 18/08/19 – 24/08/19


  • Reading

I started reading Into The Darkness by Sibel Hodge this week, I’m only a few chapters in but I am itching to read more of this book!  The start has been a bit slow-moving but is adding a lot of detail to the characters, building the start of the story and laying the foundations for what is to come.  So far, so good!

  • Watching

I recently discovered Mystery Diners on the tv, it is a show about a group of undercover diners, hired by restaurant owners who go into the restaurant posing as employees and diners to catch staff that are up to no good.  I can’t believe what employees think they can get away with when their boss’ back is turned!

  • Listening to

We have now been given permission to wear headphones and listen to things in work so I have been listening to podcasts by Logo Geek – Ian Paget.  Ian interviews different graphic designers on each of his shows and I have loved listening to them!  I really like listening to podcasts rather than music in the office as I can still hear things going on around me (like the phone ringing) while still being able to concentrate on my work.  If you have any suggestions for any podcasts then let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out!

  • Eating

I’ve been eating a lot of fruit in different forms this week, from bananas with my breakfast to smoothies and dried fruits.  I’ve also been enjoying tomatoes, at this time of the year they taste so good, not too sweet or sharp and really juicy and flavourful!

  • Drinking

Is it bad that wine featured a lot this week?  I don’t really drink much week to week but this week I have had 2 bottles of wine and really enjoyed them.  I also had some Brewdog Punk IPA cans which I enjoyed too.  (I didn’t drink both bottles of wine in the same night, they lasted me for 3 days, and I have half a bottle left, nor did I drink all my cans in one go, I had 2 one evening and the other 2 I had on other nights!)

  • Doing

The highlight of the week was a trip to Cardiff on Wednesday with my friend.  There was an exhibition taking place in the National Museum of works by David Nash.  I have been inspired by David Nash since secondary school and wrote many an essay about him and the work he creates for my GCSE’s and into my time at University a few years ago.  If you have a chance, I really recommend going to see his art!

  • Feeling

I’ve been feeling pretty tired this week and seem to have had a nap every day after I have got home from work.  I think it must be something to do with the weather (or maybe it is mid-year burnout as this Guardian report suggests…hmmm…)  Aside from that, I seem to have misplaced my enthusiasm for housework this week though I have damaged my shoulder and am limited in what I am able to do housework wise right now.  Overall I have been feeling fairly content and happy with what I have done and achieved this week, I’ve realised that there are some things you can not change no matter how hard you try but you can create other things that could work better long term and it is better to channel any anger or frustration into something that could turn out well than to brood and fight something that will just zap you of all of your energy in the long run.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 18/08/19 – 24/08/19

  1. It sounds like you have had good week. I like to have a glass of wine in the evening, I always have two nights in the week when I don’t drink at all. Drink is fine as long as you don’t go over board 💜

    I have been tired too , weather and still recovering from sepsis. Seen lots of friends and , family ( two out of three sons) . Lots of housework and cooking . It was also our 48th wedding anniversary, how did that happen 😜🥴💜

      1. We had our eldest son visiting and he took us out for a meal at a very posh restaurant and treated us. I have one more scan to go and I am definitely on the mend now.💜

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