A Look Around My Home – Bedroom

Now that I have finished the major part of decorating and all the furniture is back in place I thought I would give you a quick look around my bedroom!

Just to let you know that this post IS IMAGE HEAVY… (just to warn you incase it doesn’t load on your device…)

I’m pretty pleased with how this room is turning out though I would like to get some pictures up on the wall at some point (I have some framed postcards that were my Grandma’s which would be perfect on the wall!) and I want to paint the cornicing an antique gold.  Aside from that the only other things I would like to do is to sort my wardrobe and clothing cupboard out.  I need to pack away my winter clothes and find a way of prganising my t-shirts, jumpers and trousers in a better way…

What do you think of my room so far?

14 thoughts on “A Look Around My Home – Bedroom

      1. Aw, that must be why I recognized it, it looked like an older stuffed animal with many tales to tell! That’s sweet that you’ve found a way to keep it in the family.

  1. It looks lovely Suzi but the colours & patterns wouldn’t allow me to sleep I don’t think.
    When I had my two bipolar manic episodes colours held great significance for me & purple freaked me out.
    I have been in remission for 16 years now & purple is not a problem.
    Not sure if a dark bedroom would suit me, however if the idea is to enhance sleep by keeping the room dark then maybe worth a try.
    I have a Himalayan salt lamp, love your lamp & must get new black out blind.
    Thanks for sharing 😴😴😴

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