Top 10 Ways to Spend Time


I love having a bit of spare time in my week and try to schedule in a few hours here and there where I have nothing planned.  Today’s Top 10 Thursday post is a list of ways I like to spend that spare time.

  • Reading –  whether it is a book, blog posts or a magazine, there is nothing better than losing yourself in words for an hour or so.
  • Blogging – I can spend so much time on my blog, from writing and scheduling posts to developing ideas and networking, it is one of my favourite hobbies.
  • Learning – I love to learn new skills, whether it is something crafty, a new recipe, something tech-related or building on skills that I already have, this is something that is really useful as well as being a good way to spend free time.
  • Gaming – I am not a huge gamer but I do have a few apps on my phone which I like to play every now and again.  I also have an original Playstation that I dust off once in a while.
  • Designing – I love to sit with my laptop and play around with ideas and designs for logos and graphics.
  • Watch a film – I don’t watch a lot of tv, when it is on it is usually for background noise rather than to actively watch it.  I do like to watch a film though, my phone goes into silent mode and I can spend a few undistracted hours lost in the film plot.
  • Sleeping – I don’t always get a good night sleep, partly because I have bouts of awful insomnia and partly, most recently, because of damaging my rotator cuff muscles, so sleep is a perfect way to spend time at the moment.
  • Gardening – I love pottering about in the garden when the weather allows it and there is always something to do out there.  I love how being out in the open, working away, can make you feel more positive and rejuvenated.
  • DIY – There is always some small, niggly job that needs doing, and with the help of YouTube and other sites giving advice, help and how-to’s much DIY can be carried out by yourself.  I love spending time fixing things and other DIY activities as I fell pretty proud of myself once I have completed them!  Plus I get to learn something new along the way!
  • Mindfulness – I always try to factor in at least half an hour each day for mindfulness practice but having more time means that I can spend longer on this.  There are so many positive outcomes of practising mindfulness that I find it the most beneficial use of my time.

How do you like to spend your time?  Let me know the comments!

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Spend Time

  1. I like to spend my time volunteering and helping others. I really enjoyed planning our wedding and now it’s all over, I feel really lost!

  2. My free time right now is sleeping and Netflix lol and texting with people. I love having a conversation with someone who isn’t 6. Even if it’s a text conversation about religions that turns into a mini heated thing over creationism vs Darwinism then whatever. At least it’s not “omg look at my pencil topper” 😂😂

    But I want to start reading more and writing more

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