Blogtober 3rd


Yesterday I started my questions for Blogtober, today’s answers will be based on my day yesterday (the 2nd October).

  • What made me feel enthusiastic today?

Starting Inktober has got me feeling enthusiastic.  I am working with the Inktober prompts but instead of using ink I am making several small scale sketches each day with the idea of them being logos.  Yesterday’s prompt was really easy but today was a bit harder and I loved getting back into thinking visually and playing around with ideas.

  • What drained me of energy?

Not having much to do in work today really drained my energy levels.  We have come to the end of the payment cycle where everything has been processed for payment and there isn’t much for us to do for a few days aside from filing and odd bits and pieces which don’t take very long.  I always feel that I should be seen to be doing something though which is hard work.

  • What did I learn about myself today?

I learned that I can have several different takes on an idea, especially when it comes to drawing and it is fun to sit and sketch out ideas as they form in my head.  Sometimes the first idea is a bit pants but if you give yourself thinking time, permission to make mistakes and space to play around with concepts, usually something good can come from it.

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