Saturday Shout Out – Tatterhood

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Today’s Shout Out goes to Anne of Tatterhood Witch, which has been running for the past 5 or 6 years-ish!

Anne’s blog covers all sorts of different topics

Randomness – Writing – Hobbies/Interests – Art – Music – Movies – Shit

and there is plenty to capture most people’s interests!  Anne writes some really beautiful poetry, and some really interesting life posts, currently ones about leaving certain social media platforms.

I asked which post(s) were Anne’s favourites and she gave me the link to this post

  • Video Juke-Blog which has some brilliant feel-good tunes and is definitely worth a listen/view!  I’d forgotten how cool some of the tracks made me feel when they first came out and even what the music videos were like!

An interesting fact about Tatterhood is

I only get an hour a day to write during my lunch and that’s on a shared computer so my work has been known to be accidently deleted occasionally.

Which is pretty amazing when you realise that Anne blogs daily!

As Anne is reducing her social media presence (which you can find out about by visiting her blog Tatterhood Witch)  you can find her over on Pinterest!

Please pop over, check out her blog and say hi!!!!


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