Weekly Roundup 28/07/19 – 03/08/19


I’ve decided to change the format of my weekly roundup and instead of sharing a day to day break down of my week I am going to be sharing what I have done and enjoyed in the week in a different format!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes I have made so let me know what you think of the “New and Improved” Weekly Roundup segment in the comments!

This week I have been

  • Reading

I have recently started to read a book called “The Girls” by Lisa Jewell which I got given by a friend after I said how much I had enjoyed a few of Lisa’s other books.  This book is proving to be a really good read so far and has kept me interested since the first page!

  • Watching

I finished watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix and was skimming through the suggestions that Netflix offers you after you have watched something and found a series called “You” which sounded interesting.  There are some familiar faces in it – Joe Goldberg, the main character is played by Penn Badgley who was in Gossip Girl (Dan Humphrey) and Peach Sallinger, played by Pretty Little Liars actor Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields in PLL).  I’m a few episodes in so far and it is pretty creepy but gripping!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Listening to

The Cure – Wild Mood Swings I only really listen to CD’s and music when I’m driving and was getting a bit fed up of the CD which I had been listening to.  I dug out my favourite Cure CD and have been listening to that on my drive to and from work and when I am running errands!

  • Eating

I have been making a conscious effort to improve what I eat and this week I have been enjoying vegetable pasta, salads and veggie rice.  I have also been eating overnight oats for breakfast (made with water) and mix in dried fruits and seeds (sultanas, apricots, sunflower and pumpkin seeds).

  • Drinking

I’ve been enjoying breakfast smoothies this week.  I have had them for breakfast on alternate days instead of overnight oats!  I have also been drinking a lot of green tea!  I picked up a tin of Tea Rebels IdealiTea in TKMaxx, which is made from sencha green tea, raisins, rosebuds, sunflower petals and wild mallow flower, it has been the perfect evening drink!

  • Doing

I worked 4 days this week after having Monday off.  I hadn’t slept on Sunday night due to a car or shop alarm going off and keeping me awake and spent Monday being really lazy and sleeping.  I have been working on my blog pretty much every day and have a few new things in the pipeline!  I have been working on an idea for a business that is becoming more and more likely to go ahead and go live soon!  I have also spent time working on my bullet journal for 2020 – all the things that I want and need to include while wondering whether to have a full year in one bullet journal or split it all between 2.

  • Feeling

The start of the week I was super tired and because I slept a lot during Monday I wasn’t tired in the night which made me worry about how drained I would be for work the following day but it wasn’t too bad.  Mostly I have been feeling ok, I did feel a bit frustrated and annoyed with myself as I lacked motivation for the first part of the week though I think that was because I was still a bit tired from Sunday night.  I seem to have picked up now and am looking forward to seeing how my ideas pan out!  The week has felt long and drawn out but overall it has been a good one!

What have you been doing this week?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 28/07/19 – 03/08/19

  1. This week I have been eating like CRAP! When I moved last Saturday, I didn’t bring a lot of food with me, and when I saw the state of my half of the fridge/freezer I was glad I didn’t! I would make my usual breakfast and pack a smoothie and granola bars for work but would grab lunch out. And then for dinner, I’d just make a simple sandwich and chips. My half of the stove would smoke every time a burner was turned on so I didn’t really want to cook. I did use the other one twice but I could tell it kind of bothered my roommate. Plus, having no microwave at the moment is kind of making things difficult too. BUT I scoured the fridge with hot soapy-vinegar water yesterday and did a proper shop! Now I feel comfortable having food touch the surfaces in the fridge lol

    I’ve been feeling meh. From the move, the adjustment of the new place, horrible eating, and missing the guy. Hopefully, all those things will be fixed this week!

      1. Omg the fridge was NASTY!! My roommate is very on top of things for cleaning but like the produce drawer was so disgusting. I cleaned the whole thing not just my half. Thankfully my roommate woke up just as I was starting so I could ask if it was ok to take out his food to clean it. But it’s done now so that’s good lol

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