House Wish List

House Wishlist

This week marks a year of being in my own home and the time has really flown by, and while I have most things there are still things I wish for.  Today’s post is about the things on my wish list.

  • A wheelbarrow.  I’m not sure whether I will always want or even need one, but for sorting my garden out, and to make it easier to move dirt and stones around in the garden this is something that I think could come in useful for the moment.
  • Secateurs.  I’ve been borrowing my Mum’s pair and they have come in more than useful this past few months so I think that investing in my own pair would be really beneficial.
  • A good tin opener, does such a thing even exits though?  The one that I have seems to like skipping and sticking, mangling the can rather than being efficient and opening things with ease.
  • An ice cream scoop.  I honestly can not believe that I don’t own one yet!  I tend to use a large serving spoon which has sufficed until now.
  • New tea towels.  When I moved in I had loads but now I hardly have any and I don’t have the foggiest idea where they have all disappeared to!
  • A small wardrobe or cupboard for downstairs that I can hang coats in and store my mop, bucket, and hoover in.
  • A bookshelf for the spare room.  I have been looking for the perfect sized one to fit into the alcove for such a long time but can’t seem to find one that fits.
  • A Welsh dresser for my bathroom.  I have a space in the bathroom that is dead space and a Welsh dresser would be perfect to put there to store my towels and other bathroom bits in while being able to display my plants and other pretty things on.
  • Rugs.  I have been searching for the perfect rugs, both for downstairs and in the hallway, since I moved in, I have an idea of what I want but am still waiting to find the perfect ones.
  • Lawn mower and strimmer.  My friend currently comes and mows my lawn using his mower but having my own means that I can get out and cut the grass myself.  Having both a mower and strimmer would be the best option as my grass grows stupid fast so strimming before mowing would make things so much easier!

I think that everyone who has a home always has some item they want or need on their wishlist, what is on yours?  Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “House Wish List

  1. Good list you have there. I would recommend an electric tin opener well worth the extra cash. An ice cream scoop is great too and doubles up as a mashed potatoes disher upper.
    I would love a George Foreman grill for the kitchen.

  2. So I had to do a little bit of translation for this post for a few items. A Welsh dresser looks nice! Strimmers (weed wacker in Canadian) is fun! My dad only uses his for edges of gardens and the edge of the lawn. My mom had a nice rose bush cutter (Secateurs) when I was younger. I used it for EVERYTHING in the summer. Much to her dismay.

    Right now all I need is a bunch of boxes to pack up my current apartment and then probably some storage at my new place. But I need to move in first to see what I’ll need. I’ll probably just pick up a few under-bed totes and that should be fine. What I’m more into at the moment is what I’ll need for my classroom. You know I went to see it yesterday and it’s kind of torn apart right now haha. I’ll have to wait until it’s all done before I’ll know what I’ll need.

    1. I always forget that items have different names in different places! I wish you lived in Wales! I have tons of boxes! And I’d help with the move too, but I’ll be there in thought! Xxx

      1. Awww that’s so sweet! I have a friend all lined up to help me move. Really I just need some muscle to help with my bed and that’s it. I can do the rest, just a few suitcases and boxes lol

  3. Would seriously love a Stern Pram Canopy Cover for my back deck, but I don’t have a spare two grand to get one fitted …

      1. Except I keep travelling… I know some canopy fitters do finance schemes, this might be an option…

  4. I love Amazon Wishlists! As far as, for the house.. I only need to buy a cabinet and maybe a new kitchen faucet. Considering moving in the future and still going through stuff here.

      1. Its better than what we were using, I think our old one broke 2 days before payday and we had 14p between us, so I think we had to use a hammer and some other tools to try and get the can open for whatever we were having for dinner

  5. I’m going to have to go look up what a Welsh Dresser is. Great idea to know what you want. I’d like a few new trees in the backyard and a new stove. I still have stove with elements and I’m sooooooo sick off cleaning them. lol

    1. A Welsh dresser is lovely! It’s normally made of pine and has narrow shelves above deep cupboards used to house crockery originally! I’m searching for the perfect one to go in my bathroom! It would be perfect for storing towels and all my other bathroom bits! Xxx

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