Blogmas – Wishing Wednesday


What is on your wish list for Christmas?  It’s always something that I am asked by family and friends both for my Birthday and for Christmas and usually I don’t really have any solid ideas of anything that I want and never really have an answer for.  Over the past few years, I have compiled lists using Amazon Wish List to add things to that I see and like so that I can answer this question fairly easily, either by scanning the list or just sending the list to people for them to pick something from.

A few things that I am wishing for this year are new earrings, clothing, a necklace, a tin opener and a cheese grater as well as a few items for the home including a multicolour chandelier.  On my list are a ton of dinosaur-themed things from jewellery to t-shirts as I love dinosaurs, there are rainbow coloured items and items that have an ethnic feel to them too.  I also have on there some fragrance and body care items, makeup and incense/room scent things too. (My Wish List in case you were wondering!)

When we were little, my brothers and I used to be so excited to get the Argos catalogue and prepare our lists for Santa, often circling almost every item on the page!  I still get a bit excited to look through Christmas gift guides, especially the Boots and Superdrug ones but the catalogues are becoming a thing of the past as the internet gains even more momentum in the shopping area.  A lot of the times, when I stumble over something that I like, which gets added to my list, it is often found because I was looking for something else that I intended to buy and I often wonder, if I wasn’t such a big user of the internet and shopping sites, whether I would have any kind of wish list at all…

What is on your wish list this year?  Let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear all about your Christmas wishes!

House Wish List

House Wishlist

This week marks a year of being in my own home and the time has really flown by, and while I have most things there are still things I wish for.  Today’s post is about the things on my wish list.

  • A wheelbarrow.  I’m not sure whether I will always want or even need one, but for sorting my garden out, and to make it easier to move dirt and stones around in the garden this is something that I think could come in useful for the moment.
  • Secateurs.  I’ve been borrowing my Mum’s pair and they have come in more than useful this past few months so I think that investing in my own pair would be really beneficial.
  • A good tin opener, does such a thing even exits though?  The one that I have seems to like skipping and sticking, mangling the can rather than being efficient and opening things with ease.
  • An ice cream scoop.  I honestly can not believe that I don’t own one yet!  I tend to use a large serving spoon which has sufficed until now.
  • New tea towels.  When I moved in I had loads but now I hardly have any and I don’t have the foggiest idea where they have all disappeared to!
  • A small wardrobe or cupboard for downstairs that I can hang coats in and store my mop, bucket, and hoover in.
  • A bookshelf for the spare room.  I have been looking for the perfect sized one to fit into the alcove for such a long time but can’t seem to find one that fits.
  • A Welsh dresser for my bathroom.  I have a space in the bathroom that is dead space and a Welsh dresser would be perfect to put there to store my towels and other bathroom bits in while being able to display my plants and other pretty things on.
  • Rugs.  I have been searching for the perfect rugs, both for downstairs and in the hallway, since I moved in, I have an idea of what I want but am still waiting to find the perfect ones.
  • Lawn mower and strimmer.  My friend currently comes and mows my lawn using his mower but having my own means that I can get out and cut the grass myself.  Having both a mower and strimmer would be the best option as my grass grows stupid fast so strimming before mowing would make things so much easier!

I think that everyone who has a home always has some item they want or need on their wishlist, what is on yours?  Let me know in the comments!

My Christmas Wish List

This Christmas my list mostly consists of craft things and bits for the house with a couple of clothing and jewellery items thrown in!

I’ve recently gotten into candle making so I have a few things that I would like for that, they include…

For the house

Clothes and Accessories



What’s on your Wish List?