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What is on your wish list for Christmas?  It’s always something that I am asked by family and friends both for my Birthday and for Christmas and usually I don’t really have any solid ideas of anything that I want and never really have an answer for.  Over the past few years, I have compiled lists using Amazon Wish List to add things to that I see and like so that I can answer this question fairly easily, either by scanning the list or just sending the list to people for them to pick something from.

A few things that I am wishing for this year are new earrings, clothing, a necklace, a tin opener and a cheese grater as well as a few items for the home including a multicolour chandelier.  On my list are a ton of dinosaur-themed things from jewellery to t-shirts as I love dinosaurs, there are rainbow coloured items and items that have an ethnic feel to them too.  I also have on there some fragrance and body care items, makeup and incense/room scent things too. (My Wish List in case you were wondering!)

When we were little, my brothers and I used to be so excited to get the Argos catalogue and prepare our lists for Santa, often circling almost every item on the page!  I still get a bit excited to look through Christmas gift guides, especially the Boots and Superdrug ones but the catalogues are becoming a thing of the past as the internet gains even more momentum in the shopping area.  A lot of the times, when I stumble over something that I like, which gets added to my list, it is often found because I was looking for something else that I intended to buy and I often wonder, if I wasn’t such a big user of the internet and shopping sites, whether I would have any kind of wish list at all…

What is on your wish list this year?  Let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear all about your Christmas wishes!

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  1. Clothes!!! Last year I threw away so almost like 3/4 of my clothes just because they were old and needed to be replaced. Getting my new job was the perfect opportunity for me to do it! I went shopping in September with all the back to school sales and teacher discounts and got a LOT but not really enough to fill out my closet again with non-work options. I’ve just asked for gift cards lol but next year I’ll add actual pieces I want and sizes instead of just gift cards 😂

    1. Gift cards are brilliant! I had one for my birthday for the local pet shop as I wanted a fish tank and accessories and was able to pick the right one! Xxx

      1. I was so set on JUST getting gift cards that this year I wasn’t excited for the holiday at all! I got my gift cards but it just wasn’t the same as opening gifts and wondering what was inside

      2. I know what you mean! One year I asked for money because I wanted to go shopping in the sales and, while I was grateful for the money and being able to get thing I wanted cheap, there was a teeny bit of envy when I looked at the rest of my family opening presents! xxxx

      3. I was able to get some great deals and even saved 1/3 of the money my dad gave me for “non-essentials” like a new reading pillow for my bed and a new nail drill

  2. I love Amazon Wish Lists. I wish there was an easier way to look up someone’s, though. They have made finding friends very difficult. Most of my stuff is cat themed

  3. When I think of wish lists I think of the Sears Christmas Toy Catalogue that both myself as a child and my kids looked forward to when growing up – flipping the pages just searching for that perfect toy and showing your mom the page a 1000 times – bending the corner over so she won’t forget lol

    1. That was my brothers and I with the Argos catalogue! We would be so excited for the new catalogue to come out late October and I’m sure that was all part of the Christmas excitement!!! Did you have a good Christmas? Xxxx

      1. So true right!! I did have a good Christmas – it has really pooped me out but was great to see family. How about you? I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

      2. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year but it has pooped me out too! I have had a few very long lie ins and naps between Christmas and the New Year! Lol! So glad we are back to a normal monday-friday work schedule now though! xxx

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