300 Followers and a Link Share Party!!!!


I hit another milestone on the blog over the Bank Holiday, 300 Followers!  I am so happy right now!!!!  When I started this blog back at the end of September 2018 I never expected to gain so many followers, I would have been happy with 10, 50 even so getting 300 is beyond my wildest dreams!  Never would I have thought that so many people would want to follow my blog and read the words I write!  I am so touched and grateful to each and every one of you!  Thank you so much, you are the reason I get up each day and continue with my blog, thinking of new ideas for posts, and enjoying every single thing that blog life brings my way!

As a thank you, I would like to invite you all to share your blog links in the comments, whether it is a link to your blog home page, one of your favourite blog posts, or one that you think deserves a little more love than it has gotten so far!  I am always on the lookout for new blogs to engage with, so even if you don’t follow me or I don’t follow you please leave a link!!!!  I want to encourage you to visit other blogs and leave a genuine comment on a post that interests you and to really engage with the rest of the blogging community!

So, go on, what have you got to loose!  Share a link in the comments below!

40 thoughts on “300 Followers and a Link Share Party!!!!

  1. Congrats Suzi!! Your posts are always super interesting and magnetizing. Lots of love for you and for your blog.
    So, here’s a link to one of my blog posts:
    This is a post with a game challenge. I challenged Suzi for this. I don’t know when will she accept and complete it. Enjoy this with your blogger friends. Just reblog the post or send it’s link to your friends as a challenge.

  2. Congratulations Suzi! To the next milestone now.

    Hi everyone.

    In this journey of understanding my inner voice better, I hope I help you understand yours better with my writings.

    Feel free to drop by at https://rahulgaurblog.com

    The smoke words every day community welcomes you!

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