1 Month With My Apple Watch


I recently became an owner of a Series 4 Apple Watch through a scheme run in my workplace that offers electrical goods that you can pay monthly to purchase.  I needed a new laptop as my main one wasn’t holding a charge anymore and was too big to lug around with me so I decided to get a laptop as well as an Apple Watch as I had been looking at them for a long time but had never been able to justify the cost in one go.


I chose the Series 4, with a 40mm screen, in a rose gold tone with a sand sports loop strap and so far I am pretty impressed.  I had originally wanted one so that I could see texts and calls at a glance and so that I could add and see items in my calendar.  The other big draw for me was that I could monitor my activity throughout the day and not have to wear a fitness tracker and watch together.


I have been pretty impressed with my watch so far.  I really like that you can choose your watch face and customise the colours and what apps are shown on waking the device.  I like that the screen is neither too big or small, I had been worried that I wouldn’t be able to read the screen or that the apps would be difficult to use or get used to.

I was easily able to pair the watch with my phone, a simple QR code looking thing came up on the watch face and all that was needed was for me to open the Apple Watch App on my phone and scan the watch face using my phone’s camera.  Once that was done the watch was paired and ready to go!

I can not only read texts and WhatsApp messages but can also reply using pre-programmed responses, or I can write more detailed replies by writing on the screen with my finger.  I can view photos that I have favourited on my phone which was another unexpected thing!

The watch comes with an app called Breathe which lets you take a minute out of your day to focus on your breath, a bit like a short mindfulness moment.  I have been using this when I can feel my stress and anxiety levels start to rise and have found it to be really helpful.

The best thing for me is the Activity app.  This app can count your steps but offers more in-depth insights.  The app measures calories burned through activity called “Move”, it measures minutes spent exercising, you can either start an exercise which is timed or it will add exercise minutes automatically once your heart rate is increased for a period of time.  There is also a part that encourages you to stand and move for a minute each hour which is really useful when you work in an environment like I do where I don’t really stand or move from one hour to the next.  I have enjoyed finding ways to close all the rings each day and so far I have succeeded.  The app has really made me more aware of how little I actually move around, with the other trackers that I have used in the past, it has been easy to achieve between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day but these were usually achieved in one go but this app helps you to focus on not just your steps but other things too.

There is so much more I could say about my watch, I love that there is a heart rate monitor on it, that it is shower proof, you can play music on it, you can view the weather, use it as a remote shutter for your phone camera (and view what your phone camera can see on the watch face) but I think I may save them for another post further down the line!

Do you have a smartwatch?  What is your favourite thing about it?  Let me know in the comments!!!

13 thoughts on “1 Month With My Apple Watch

  1. Firstly, congratulations for your Apple Watch. All the description you made about it sounded amazing. I’m planning to but the same soon. The most wonderful thing is I was looking for its reviews this morning and as soon as I opened WordPress today, I saw this…. Amazing!!

  2. I am composing a post titled as “wanna know you better” . It has a set of questions to be answered. So, shall I nominate you for this?…. I hope it will be fun for you.

    1. Hey! That sounds really interesting!! Yes please!! I got your email earlier, I’ll send you the info for the Saturday Shout Out tomorrow! Xx

    1. Lol! My mum has just switched from iPhone to something else (I think it’s a Samsung though I’m not sure!) and she says it’s better than her iPhone! Xxx

    1. I had not been aware of any of this. For such a huge company I am shocked! I wonder how many other “big names” we buy without knowing what happens during manufacture… I know we had some programs about the fashion and textile industry but we don’t see the side relating to technology, it’s always very hidden xxx

      1. I realise this was from 2 years ago and that Apple have been doing more to reduce this attitude, so things are changing slowly. It’s just that I think we take things for granted so much we don’t stop to consider it’s production. Hopefully Apple will continue to improve circumstances…

      2. I think you are totally right! I must say that I don’t always think about what production methods have been used in creating products but I am slowly starting to try and become a more conscious shopper xxx

  3. Brilliant post, I love hearing about people’s thoughts on their Apple Watch. I have recently upgraded to the Series 4 40mm space grey with the black sport band, and I love it! Could you be kind enough to check out my latest blog post on why I decided to upgrade?

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