A Day In My Life – Weekend

A Day In My Life

I love the weekend, a break from work, lie in and lazy days to spend the time as you want!  Today I am sharing with you what a typical weekend day looks like for me!

9:30am.  Wake up.  I tend to go to bed late on a Friday night as I know I don’t have to be up so early in the morning.   I love waking up on the weekend without having the alarm blaring in my ear, instead, I just wake naturally, or Roxy wakes me up!  We lay in bed and have a morning snuggle while I decide what we should do for the day!

10:00am.  I wander downstairs in my pj’s and make a coffee and breakfast of toast or cereal, Roxy goes to investigate in the garden.  When she comes back in we go and sit on the sofa, she will have a snooze and I tend to catch up on some of the blogs I follow, reply to blog comments and sip my coffee.

11:00am.  I usually get dressed around 11am after I have decided what I will do with my day which depends on the weather a lot of the time!

11:30am.  I tend to sort a load of clothes washing to be done and bung that in the washing machine while the kettle is boiling for another coffee.  I wash up and wipe down the kitchen worktops and put any re-cycling out into the bin.

11:45am.  I begin what I have planned for the day!  If the weather is good then I tend to spend some time out in the garden, doing some weeding or ground preparation work.  If the weather is cold, damp or raining I retreat to my living room with my notebook and pen, diary and my laptop and work on my blog ideas, schedule and upcoming posts that need to be written.

1:00pm.  By this time I am usually hungry and am thinking about what to have for lunch.  A lot of the time, my lunch at the weekend will be my main meal so I will cook something and eat that.

1:30pm.  Once the washing has been done and spun a few times and I have finished my lunch I will hang it all up to dry.  I wash up my lunch dishes and make another coffee.  While my coffee is cooling I like to read a bit of the book I am currently reading or I will read some blogs online.

2:00pm.  Roxy and I head out for a nosey about or have a play in the garden.  She loves to play fetch with her toys or go for a walk down the canal near where I live.

3:00pm.  Around now Roxy and I are back inside.  I usually work on some graphics for my blog for a few hours.  This can be the most time-consuming part of my blog life!

5:00pm.  I call my parents and check in with them!  It’s always nice to hear how their week has been and what they have been up to over the weekend and what they have planned.  A lot of the time I will arrange a day to pop by and see them in the week.

6:00pm.  I re-check the weather and if it is dry out I spend some time in the garden.  I much prefer working in the garden in the evenings rather than in the day.  My garden gets a ton of sunshine all day round so can be quite hot at times so evenings are better when everything is starting to cool down.  In the colder months or when the weather isn’t too good, I tend to use this time to read or work on some projects.

8:00pm.  Shower time!  I have a shower and get my PJs back on!  There is nothing nicer than having a shower and putting fresh PJs on after a day of doing things!

8:45pm.  Roxy and I snuggle down on the sofa, usually with a cup of tea and the blankets!  I will find something to watch, either a film or series on Netflix and we sit and watch that for a bit.  I normally have something to eat around this time, soup and toast is a current favourite!

11:30pm.  Roxy and I start to get ready for bed around now.  Often I will take a cup of tea and my book to bed with me and will read into the small hours!  Roxy snuggles up beside me and is asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow!

What does your typical weekend day look like?  I’d love to know!

28 thoughts on “A Day In My Life – Weekend

  1. I don’t really have a weekend, and haven’t for almost three years. It started off ok when I was new to the city and didn’t know what to do in my free time and was intimidated by the transit system, but now it sucks!

    I have Fridays off from work but still have to wake up and make breakfast for some homestay students and tidy the kitchen. Then I’ll have appointments or bible study that day. No staying up late for me!

    Saturday I work 9:30-3 sometimes later if I have to take the kids to their programs which never end to get me back to the house by 3. Then I have tidying up to do from the homestay students once I get home. Dishes from Friday evening. I’m trying to do those BEFORE I leave for work Saturday though. I’m usually so tired when I get home, that if I don’t have plans I just Netflix all night.

    Sunday I have church and then free time. But it’s my only true day off. Sometimes I just want to laze around and relax. So again, not much going on.

      1. Lol I do have a busy life! Just no down time when other normal people have it. Like I have free time from 9am-2:30pm during the week. It’s practically impossible to have a social life. And the weekend free time I do have, I just want to rest and do nothing. It kind of sucks lol it’s one reason I’m glad this job is ending soon

      2. I know how that feels, I used to work in a call centre and while I liked the job it was hard to meet friends after work when I was working 12pm – 10pm most weekday nights and every other saturday! Xxxx

  2. Your day sounds like my ideal weekend day too! Except that I don’t have a pet at the moment (waiting until I retire for my next dog), and there’s no way I could drink a cup of tea late at night and stay in bed till the next morning. A shrinking bladder is one of the joys of getting older…LOL!

    1. Lol! Roxy wakes me around half 2 so she can make sure the garden is still there so I use that time to have a quick bathroom break! Xxx

  3. I wake up at the same time as weekdays but usually have extended breakfast (2-3 hours, a lot of chatting). Then, I either go somewhere in the afternoon or study. The evenings are just relaxation:)

  4. A nice relaxing weekend indeed suzi. suze and l have varied weekends, that tend to revolve around a mixture of events, none fixed. Currently being out of action, Suze does more work, in the garden, l can do most of the housework to a certain degree, but anything that requires reaching up and currently out of action again.

    So l tend to not have the most exciting weekends at present, but Suze is always busy 🙂

    As to Madam La Scrappy, well when everything doesn’t centre around her, it centres around her ha ha 🙂

      1. Well they do indeed, but l would have to say dogs are better at it, because cats well they just sort of say Pfft! But dogs use their canny chocolate box eyes and look at you, with a look that says “Have l told you l know the number of the RSPCA Biatch?”

  5. Great post. I love how you broke everything down by times, and how your weekend(s) seem to be pretty chill, yet productive. Those are always great. I actually just did a similar post over on my blog which you should totally check out when/if you get a chance! 🙂 xoxo

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