A Day In My Life As A Blogger

A Day In My Life As A Blogger

*I would like to preface this blog post by saying that this post is more like my ideal day as a blogger and not like every day that I spend blogging.  This kind of day happens maybe once a fortnight at best!*

Most of my blogging takes place on the weekends when I have more time to spend with and on my blog when my mind is not full of the stresses and strains of weekday life.

I wake up from a restful night’s sleep, stretch and get up.  I prepare a cafetiere of my favourite coffee (Hot Lava Java) and settle on the sofa with my cuppa, laptop and Roxy.  I spend a few hours reading the blogs I follow while drinking my coffee.

After catching up on blog reading I check my notificatons and reply to comments before heading over to my email.  I read through my emails, responding or flagging anything that needs attention.

Once my emails have been sorted I then open up my blog bullet journal and see what posts I have scheduled in to be written.  I like to make notes on what I am going to write before making a start.

I head over to Canva and create some heading for my posts before uploading them to my blog.  I open a new post and add the image header, write the post, re-read it, edit and spell check and then set it to be scheduled.

Once I have all my posts written and scheduled I head to my stats screen.  I like to keep a track of my stats on an Excel spreadsheet, so open that up.  I then add in each day’s stats, having a look for any patterns that I can see.  I like to use these stats for lots of different things, from seeing which days are the most popular to what sort of posts people seem to be reading most or interacting with.

If it is coming up toward the end of a month I like to have a look at my blog calendar for the month ahead which is also on a spreadsheet.  I may make some amendments and change the posts over to different days before adding the whole calendar to my bullet journal.

I then check my notifications again, respond to any comments and then go back to read any new posts that may have been added by the blogs I follow.

Sometimes I have a mind-mapping session and go through my blog categories, playing word association with each category which I find a really useful way to generate post ideas.  I will also search the words using Instagram or google and see what sort of posts come up, noting down any other relevant hashtags that may have been used.

Usually, this can take me a full day, and it is the sort of lazy but productive day that I love!

What does a day look like for you as a blogger?  I’d love to hear about your blog routines in the comments!

A Day In My Life…Work Day

A Day In My.png

Work takes up a huge percentage, around 33%, of my waking life, so today I thought I would share what a typical working day is like for me.

  • 7:00am

I usually wake around 7:00am on a regular weekday when I am going to e working.  I wake to the sound of my alarm and set it to snooze for 10mins so I can have a snuggle with Roxy before starting my day.  I then get up, have a shower, get dressed and put some makeup on.

  • 8.00am

I come downstairs and put the kettle on, let Roxy out into the garden and start gathering up my lunch stuff.  I make a coffee and at the same time, I make myself a travel mug of coffee.  I pack everything I need into my day bag, drink my coffee and find my car keys.

  • 8:20am

I get into my car and begin my drive to work which doesn’t really take too long.  I am usually parked in work by 8:45am.  I then sit and have a quick read of some blogs while having a cigarette or a puff on my vape before heading into work at around 8:55am.

  • 9:00am

I get to my desk at a few minutes to 9 most days.  I log in to the system and unpack things I need for the day.  I then look at the work that I need to do for the day.  My manager has usually split each of my team work that needs to be done during the day, the work varies depending on the types of payment that we need to process.  I assess the work that I have been allocated, normally I like to start with the things that take the longest and make my way down the pile in descending time order.  I check my emails and reply to anything that needs to be answered, sometimes my manager will have emailed with how she wants work to be completed depending on where we are in the pay cycle.  By 9:15am I have a plan in place and I start the day.

  • 10:00am

I have my breakfast at 10:00am while I work as I have found eating before I take my medication helps me to feel less sicky.  I have my breakfast and drink my coffee before taking my meds at 10:30am.  I continue to work on processing payments while I eat and have my coffee.

  • 11:00am

Thi sis universally known as Tea O’clock!  At 11:00am I go and make a cup of tea (I drink Tetley Red Bush Vanilla, no sugar, no milk!) and fill my bottle of water up.  Once that is done I then return to my desk and check my emails before continuing with processing.

  • 12:00pm

The post has usually arrived by now so I will spend some time opening and sorting the post.  Some of our post needs to be logged onto the system and then sent to our sister office for them to process.  I usually log the post and pack it up ready to be delivered.  This can take an hour or so.

  • 1:00pm

Between 1:00pm and 1:30pm I have my lunch.  90% of the time I sit at my desk and have my lunch while reading my book.  I don’t really like our staff room, it is too small and can be super noisy and hot and it can smell weird too, I always feel on edge in there but more comfortable at my desk.

  • 1:30pm

By 1:30pm I have finished my lunch and will start back to work.  I like to start my afternoon by balancing figures and making sure that the figures that have been sent to us match with what I have processed, and if not, find out why and make any amendments so that they all are the same.

  • 2:00pm

Did you know that there are officially 2 Tea O’clocks in the working day?!  2:00pm is definitely my favorite of the two!  I make myself a cuppa and re-fill my water bottle (that gets filled about 5 or 6 times through the day) then return to my desk to continue processing payments.

  • 4:30pm

I have usually finished my processing for the day so work on paperwork and booking appointments for the last half an hour or so before I start packing up for the day.  Sometimes I will work on a bit later (maybe to 6:00pm) depending on how many appointments need to be booked.

  • 5:00pm (or 6:00pm)

I pack up and log out of the systems, shut down my computer and then walk to my car and make my journey home.

What does your workday look like?  I’d love to hear in the comments!



A Day In My Life – Weekend

A Day In My Life

I love the weekend, a break from work, lie in and lazy days to spend the time as you want!  Today I am sharing with you what a typical weekend day looks like for me!

9:30am.  Wake up.  I tend to go to bed late on a Friday night as I know I don’t have to be up so early in the morning.   I love waking up on the weekend without having the alarm blaring in my ear, instead, I just wake naturally, or Roxy wakes me up!  We lay in bed and have a morning snuggle while I decide what we should do for the day!

10:00am.  I wander downstairs in my pj’s and make a coffee and breakfast of toast or cereal, Roxy goes to investigate in the garden.  When she comes back in we go and sit on the sofa, she will have a snooze and I tend to catch up on some of the blogs I follow, reply to blog comments and sip my coffee.

11:00am.  I usually get dressed around 11am after I have decided what I will do with my day which depends on the weather a lot of the time!

11:30am.  I tend to sort a load of clothes washing to be done and bung that in the washing machine while the kettle is boiling for another coffee.  I wash up and wipe down the kitchen worktops and put any re-cycling out into the bin.

11:45am.  I begin what I have planned for the day!  If the weather is good then I tend to spend some time out in the garden, doing some weeding or ground preparation work.  If the weather is cold, damp or raining I retreat to my living room with my notebook and pen, diary and my laptop and work on my blog ideas, schedule and upcoming posts that need to be written.

1:00pm.  By this time I am usually hungry and am thinking about what to have for lunch.  A lot of the time, my lunch at the weekend will be my main meal so I will cook something and eat that.

1:30pm.  Once the washing has been done and spun a few times and I have finished my lunch I will hang it all up to dry.  I wash up my lunch dishes and make another coffee.  While my coffee is cooling I like to read a bit of the book I am currently reading or I will read some blogs online.

2:00pm.  Roxy and I head out for a nosey about or have a play in the garden.  She loves to play fetch with her toys or go for a walk down the canal near where I live.

3:00pm.  Around now Roxy and I are back inside.  I usually work on some graphics for my blog for a few hours.  This can be the most time-consuming part of my blog life!

5:00pm.  I call my parents and check in with them!  It’s always nice to hear how their week has been and what they have been up to over the weekend and what they have planned.  A lot of the time I will arrange a day to pop by and see them in the week.

6:00pm.  I re-check the weather and if it is dry out I spend some time in the garden.  I much prefer working in the garden in the evenings rather than in the day.  My garden gets a ton of sunshine all day round so can be quite hot at times so evenings are better when everything is starting to cool down.  In the colder months or when the weather isn’t too good, I tend to use this time to read or work on some projects.

8:00pm.  Shower time!  I have a shower and get my PJs back on!  There is nothing nicer than having a shower and putting fresh PJs on after a day of doing things!

8:45pm.  Roxy and I snuggle down on the sofa, usually with a cup of tea and the blankets!  I will find something to watch, either a film or series on Netflix and we sit and watch that for a bit.  I normally have something to eat around this time, soup and toast is a current favourite!

11:30pm.  Roxy and I start to get ready for bed around now.  Often I will take a cup of tea and my book to bed with me and will read into the small hours!  Roxy snuggles up beside me and is asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow!

What does your typical weekend day look like?  I’d love to know!