A Day In My Life As A Blogger

A Day In My Life As A Blogger

*I would like to preface this blog post by saying that this post is more like my ideal day as a blogger and not like every day that I spend blogging.  This kind of day happens maybe once a fortnight at best!*

Most of my blogging takes place on the weekends when I have more time to spend with and on my blog when my mind is not full of the stresses and strains of weekday life.

I wake up from a restful night’s sleep, stretch and get up.  I prepare a cafetiere of my favourite coffee (Hot Lava Java) and settle on the sofa with my cuppa, laptop and Roxy.  I spend a few hours reading the blogs I follow while drinking my coffee.

After catching up on blog reading I check my notificatons and reply to comments before heading over to my email.  I read through my emails, responding or flagging anything that needs attention.

Once my emails have been sorted I then open up my blog bullet journal and see what posts I have scheduled in to be written.  I like to make notes on what I am going to write before making a start.

I head over to Canva and create some heading for my posts before uploading them to my blog.  I open a new post and add the image header, write the post, re-read it, edit and spell check and then set it to be scheduled.

Once I have all my posts written and scheduled I head to my stats screen.  I like to keep a track of my stats on an Excel spreadsheet, so open that up.  I then add in each day’s stats, having a look for any patterns that I can see.  I like to use these stats for lots of different things, from seeing which days are the most popular to what sort of posts people seem to be reading most or interacting with.

If it is coming up toward the end of a month I like to have a look at my blog calendar for the month ahead which is also on a spreadsheet.  I may make some amendments and change the posts over to different days before adding the whole calendar to my bullet journal.

I then check my notifications again, respond to any comments and then go back to read any new posts that may have been added by the blogs I follow.

Sometimes I have a mind-mapping session and go through my blog categories, playing word association with each category which I find a really useful way to generate post ideas.  I will also search the words using Instagram or google and see what sort of posts come up, noting down any other relevant hashtags that may have been used.

Usually, this can take me a full day, and it is the sort of lazy but productive day that I love!

What does a day look like for you as a blogger?  I’d love to hear about your blog routines in the comments!

14 thoughts on “A Day In My Life As A Blogger

  1. I wish I could as well and focused as you do. When I fall out of bed early, the dog wants to get out and the kids are already awake and fit for the day. The day is so fast that I have to make an effort to do anything for myself. So while I do a lot for others, I focus on drinking three cups of warm water or tea early, then doing my exercises when I’m out with the dog, and then eating without sugar, grains, and meat. In doing so, I think about what I want to write and set myself a goal that I can reach by night and write down my daily schedule. Otherwise it may be that I am so distracted in the day rush that I forget something. Whenever I need inspiration, I read and write on other blogs. That’s a nice change. Like now here with you. (And in time, I also hope that my english improves :))

    1. Sounds like you have a busy but fun filled time! Roxy, my dog, is pretty chill and aside from food and a play and pee time she is happy just to be sat helping me! Lol! Your English is brilliant! What is your first language? Xxx

  2. I read blogs and check notifications throughout the day, and spend some time on social platforms and Medium. I also do some reading for my book reviews. Writing is randomly interspersed here and there. Sometimes I’ll write several posts in one day, and other times I’ll go several days without writing anything.

  3. I usually catch up on reading/writing blogs while drinking my coffee. But, had to make sure my coffee is not in hand when reading some funny ones. If I don’t post in the morning, I try to post at night. And, I have started drafting posts for when I don’t feel like actually writing.

  4. That level of organisation is astounding to me, and on a “lazy day”, too! Brilliant that you’ve found a system which clearly works so well for you. Keep having fun with it!

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