Weekly Roundup 16/06/19 – 22/06/19

weekly roundup 120519 - 180519

  • Sunday 16/06/19

I woke early to cuddles and kisses from my niece and nephew which was a lovely start to the day!  It was fairly grey and miserable morning and I spent the morning coloring and drawing with my nephew while my niece helped my brother and sister in law do cooking in the kitchen.  We had lunch and, as the weather was starting to improve, we all decided to go out for the afternoon.  My brother drove us all to William Morris’ Red House.  We had a lovely time walking around the house and looking at the gardens which were full of beautiful flowers and plants.  In the evening my brother and I went for a walk and phoned our Dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  Once we returned to the house, my brother, sister in law and I played a few board games after the kids had gone to bed.

  • Monday 17/06/19

We woke early, my sister in law had to go to work and my niece and nephew had school.  We had breakfast, showered and got ready for the day.  My brother and I walked my niece and nephew to school and returned to the house.  We had a coffee and I sorted out my things as I had to catch the coach home later in the day.  We headed out, taking my luggage with me, and headed to the Tate Britain.  I checked my luggage into the baggage point and we went on a journey through time looking at art through the years.  Once we had been “arted out” we went for a walk and stopped off at a park for lunch before making our way back towards Victoria Station.  On the way, we passed Westminster Catherderal, my brother had his graduation ceremony there years ago and we decided to have a look around, it was amazing to see, and so beautiful.  After looking around we got to Victoria Station, I had a while to wait for my coach so my brother left me as he needed to get home to pick the kids up from school.  The coach was delayed by 45 minutes but I was quite happy to sit and read my book and drink the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino which I’d treated myself to.  I arrived home around 9:30pm and Roxy was so excited to see me!

  • Tuesday 18/06/19

I had the day off from work and slept in til 11:40am, I was soo tired!  It’s surprising just how much traveling can wear you out!  I spent some time browsing the internet getting some ideas for flatlay props…the workshop at the Bloggers Bash has really ignited something creative in me.  I think I now have an idea of what sort of things I want in my flatlay props kit and where I want to head with my blog and social media photography.  It will be nice to get back into taking photos and using the knowledge I have, as well as putting to use skills that I learned from my photography degree!  I went to my parents in the evening to collect my car which Dad had serviced and cleaned for me.

  • Wednesday 19/06/19

I worked late today, until nearly 6:00pm as I had a load of paperwork to sort through.  Work was really draining, it was really noisy and hard to concentrate which really affected my mood.  I got home from work and just locked myself away in the silence which made things a little better.  I had an early night as I really didn’t want to do much else.

  • Thursday 20/06/19

I woke early, partly because of my early night, but also because a cat and a crow were staging a street fight by my house, I think the crow won as the cat made a yowl and ran off.  I couldn’t see the crow but he made a heck of a racket after the cat had gone.  I decided to get up and start my day at 5:30am!  I had a shower, made lunch and breakfast, had a coffee and caught up on some blog things.  I headed into work and got on with all the things I needed to do and managed to get everything done and my desk cleared by 5:15pm.  I got home and played with Roxy, did some housework and then headed to bed.

  • Friday 21/06/19

My car is running weird, I thought it could have a bit of air in the system where my Dad had done a full oil change.  I drove it to the fuel station and put some fuel in it, and then, driving to work, the engine management light started flashing.  Once I’d arrived at work and parked I phoned my Dad who said that my wiring loom was starting to break down and that could be the cause.  I headed into the office and worked until 3:00pm before heading to my parents (via B&M Bargains for a few things) as Dad said he would look at it for me.  Dad dropped me off after he got back from work and later my friend came over, we are watching Killing Eve (the second series).  I treated myself to a bottle of wine from the Co-Op (I had a 40p off voucher to use) and we had cheese and chips from the local takeaway.

  • Saturday 22/06/19

I think I have an allergy to wine…my head was really achy this morning and my mouth was drier than a desert.  It has taken me much of the day to start feeling more human.  One of my friends popped by earlier which was nice, we had a good catch up over a few cups of (much needed) coffee.  I put the hoover around and did a load of washing but much of the day has been spent not doing anything much.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear so leave me a comment!

A Day In My Life – Weekend

A Day In My Life

I love the weekend, a break from work, lie in and lazy days to spend the time as you want!  Today I am sharing with you what a typical weekend day looks like for me!

9:30am.  Wake up.  I tend to go to bed late on a Friday night as I know I don’t have to be up so early in the morning.   I love waking up on the weekend without having the alarm blaring in my ear, instead, I just wake naturally, or Roxy wakes me up!  We lay in bed and have a morning snuggle while I decide what we should do for the day!

10:00am.  I wander downstairs in my pj’s and make a coffee and breakfast of toast or cereal, Roxy goes to investigate in the garden.  When she comes back in we go and sit on the sofa, she will have a snooze and I tend to catch up on some of the blogs I follow, reply to blog comments and sip my coffee.

11:00am.  I usually get dressed around 11am after I have decided what I will do with my day which depends on the weather a lot of the time!

11:30am.  I tend to sort a load of clothes washing to be done and bung that in the washing machine while the kettle is boiling for another coffee.  I wash up and wipe down the kitchen worktops and put any re-cycling out into the bin.

11:45am.  I begin what I have planned for the day!  If the weather is good then I tend to spend some time out in the garden, doing some weeding or ground preparation work.  If the weather is cold, damp or raining I retreat to my living room with my notebook and pen, diary and my laptop and work on my blog ideas, schedule and upcoming posts that need to be written.

1:00pm.  By this time I am usually hungry and am thinking about what to have for lunch.  A lot of the time, my lunch at the weekend will be my main meal so I will cook something and eat that.

1:30pm.  Once the washing has been done and spun a few times and I have finished my lunch I will hang it all up to dry.  I wash up my lunch dishes and make another coffee.  While my coffee is cooling I like to read a bit of the book I am currently reading or I will read some blogs online.

2:00pm.  Roxy and I head out for a nosey about or have a play in the garden.  She loves to play fetch with her toys or go for a walk down the canal near where I live.

3:00pm.  Around now Roxy and I are back inside.  I usually work on some graphics for my blog for a few hours.  This can be the most time-consuming part of my blog life!

5:00pm.  I call my parents and check in with them!  It’s always nice to hear how their week has been and what they have been up to over the weekend and what they have planned.  A lot of the time I will arrange a day to pop by and see them in the week.

6:00pm.  I re-check the weather and if it is dry out I spend some time in the garden.  I much prefer working in the garden in the evenings rather than in the day.  My garden gets a ton of sunshine all day round so can be quite hot at times so evenings are better when everything is starting to cool down.  In the colder months or when the weather isn’t too good, I tend to use this time to read or work on some projects.

8:00pm.  Shower time!  I have a shower and get my PJs back on!  There is nothing nicer than having a shower and putting fresh PJs on after a day of doing things!

8:45pm.  Roxy and I snuggle down on the sofa, usually with a cup of tea and the blankets!  I will find something to watch, either a film or series on Netflix and we sit and watch that for a bit.  I normally have something to eat around this time, soup and toast is a current favourite!

11:30pm.  Roxy and I start to get ready for bed around now.  Often I will take a cup of tea and my book to bed with me and will read into the small hours!  Roxy snuggles up beside me and is asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow!

What does your typical weekend day look like?  I’d love to know!