Why I Love Blogging


I’ve not really been writing this blog for that long, around 5 months really, but in that time I have really enjoyed the process from thinking about topics to write about, researching the topics, taking photos and actually sitting down and creating the post.

I love the freedom my blog gives me to write about whatever I wish, I have covered some of my mental health issues, decorating, things I have done, projects I have been working on and a lot more besides that!

I love how blogging has become part of my life again and how I find it quite a calming thing just to be able to sit and write.  Blogging seems to slow my mind and I find I can focus on it without any distractions.

I love getting notifications when my post has gone live (I write my posts a short while in advance), and I find that little ping and message appearing on my phone screen gives me a sense of achievement and, so far, has never failed to raise a smile.

I love sitting down and reading the posts that the people I follow have written and try to make it a daily habit.  I find that reading posts is so much more interesting than skimming through other social media platforms.

I really enjoy being part of a community that takes time to express themselves and their hobbies, ideas and interests through writing and images, being able to connect and have conversations with people who have similar ideas, and I love being able to share my thoughts and creativity with other.

I love how there is so much more to blogging than writing and publishing content.

15 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogging

  1. I think your blog is fantastic and I couldn’t agree with you on every single way you feel. It is such a wonderful, supportive community and filled with so many interesting people and topics. I get what you mean about being able to pick what you write about. I was trying to explain to a friend that it’s like being an editor of your own magazine – you get to make the call on what goes out. I’m glad you enjoy it and I hope to read your posts for years to come!!!

    1. It is really nice! I think it’s always useful to reflect on why you love doing something and it gives you something to look back on and remind yourself further down the line! Xxx

  2. You got all that dead right, Suzi. Blogging means feeling like part of a real community, and enables us to make genuine friends online. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

  3. Your reasons for loving blogging are just like mine 🙂 I’m yet to find my niche I feel but I’m loving the journey. For me it’s escapism and I look forward to writing mine on Sundays xx

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