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I decided the last month to share a list of goals for the month ahead that I would like to achieve (you can read the full post here), and will be reviewing these today and setting myself some new goals.

I decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for 2019 as a whole because I tend to start them with great gusto but by the middle of February they have all but been abandoned.  After I had written my goals for the month I thought about how monthly goals would be more effective for me – they are less likely to be forgotten for a start as they are only set for a month, they would be more achievable than some of the resolutions I have set myself before, I can review them month on month and judge what is working and what needs working on, working on smaller goals and targets will feel more attainable and I can look back on previous months and really see what I have managed to achieve along the way.

With all that said, lets take a look at how I did with my goals for January….

Blog and Social Media

  • Stay on track with my blog routine.  I managed my quota of 9 blog posts and a few extras in January too so I totally nailed this one!
  • Share more on social media.  I think this one is still a work in progress as I have now left Facebook (more on this in another post) and I think my Insta game needs upping.  And…I have now joined Twitter and my blog automatically shares the post to that, though I do need to learn how to use it to get the most out of it.
  • Change my blog domain.  I did this on one of the last days in December, not long after the goals post went live so I can tick this one-off as a successful done!


  • Defrost freezer and deep clean fridge.  I did deep clean the fridge and assess what I have in there but when I checked the freezer it didn’t need doing as I haven’t had it long enough to build up any frost at all!
  • Wash Sofa Covers.  I managed to do this within the first week of January!
  • Create a cleaning timetable.  I finally worked out a timetable for cleaning that works for me, with most of the big cleaning chores being done on a friday and the weekend so that I have my weekday nights pretty clear for blogging and personal projects and things that I want to do!  Now I just need to try to stick to it!

Art and Craft

  • Make some more candles and research methods of making candles.  I have been working with a different brand and type of soy wax and, as it creates sink holes really easily, I have been researching different pouring methods and have been trying out some of the suggestions and methods.  (Though I am still getting sink holes….)
  • Start making cards again.  I had the full intention to make cards for my brothers’ Birthdays but it didn’t happen.  I’ve added this goal to my February list.
  • Start a scrapbook/journal.  I’ve not started scrap booking yet but I have started a one-line journal and have been writing in it regularly.  I have also been adding to my “A Doodle A Day” journal that I mentioned in this post.
  • Work on Lettering.  This is something that I have really loved doing so this is a definite yes!  I have been working on my lettering journal between 2 and 3 times a week.  I have found this to be really easy to keep up with as I sit and work on my lettering while catching up with tv shows on the internet.


  • Finish reading The Snowman.  I finally finished reading this on the 6th January!!!  And I am so pleased to finally tick this off of my list.
  • Plan another craft event.  I’m currently working out which day in February will be best to hold our next event and thinking about what sort of activities to plan and whether it should be a themed event!
  • Arrange another trip to London.  I have spoken with my brother and am deciding when would be best to head back to London.  I need to get new tyres for my car as I am planning on driving there and back.  I’m thinking that during the half term would be good so I can spend time with my niece and nephew as well as my brother and his wife!
  • Go out for the day.  I went out in the middle of January with my work friend Andy and his partner Julie!  We walked their dog Mysti and Roxy (my dog) up the canal that is not far from my house.  We were out for about an hour and a half with the puppers then we came back to my house to drop Roxy off then I went down to their home for a vegan, home-made curry which was lovely!

Now for my goals for February…

Blog and Social Media

  • Learn how to use Twitter.  After reading a few blogs about twitter I decided to sign up and start my own twitter feed to share my blog posts to.  Back in the day, when twitter was in its infancy, I actually had a few different accounts with them but never really understood the integral workings of the site and eventually left.  This month I want to really get a grip on how twitter works and start using it to its full potential.
  • Update my About Page.  The “about” page was one of the first things I wrote when this blog was nothing more than an idea and had literally just been created.  I feel that now I have a better idea of my blog and have an even better idea of where it’s going it’s now time to update that page.
  • Work on my content plan, ideas and blog schedule.  While I have been writing down post ideas into my blog content and ideas planner I have yet to bring them to life and add them into my blog schedule.  This month I intend to sit down with my ideas planner and look at the best days for writing/posting these ideas and pencil them into my blog schedule.


  • Plan/Host another dinner for Mum and Dad.  Not only did i really enjoy cooking for Mum, Dad and Richard, they all enjoyed my food so I’m thinking about having another dinner with them.  It would be good to get a date worked out and then I can think about what I’d like to make/cook/serve for it.
  • Sort spare room cupboards.  I have 2 cupboards, both inbuilt, in my spare room which have become a hiding area for anything that doesn’t really have a home along with spare towels and bedding.  I really could do with clearing out the cupboards, seeing what is in there and giving everything a proper home.
  • Make a start on the garden.  While the mornings are cold and frosty it would be silly to pass up the opportunity to get outside and make a start on clearing part of the garden, cutting back some brambles and preparing the bed that runs along my path for some flowers and bulbs to be planted.

Art and Craft

  • Start making cards.  This is the only item carried over from last month!  Hopefully, with my Mum’s Birthday coming up this month I will be able to turn this goal into a reality.
  • Take more photos.  It’s not until I go to write a blog post about something I have done that I realise I’ve not taken as many photos as I thought, and while I don’t want to be the annoying one always behind the camera, snapping away, I would like to document more of my life with photos.
  • Sort through my craft supplies and re-organise.  It’s always good to take stock of what you own, sometimes I re-discover things I had forgotten about and that re-discovery can lead to mew ideas or I find things I had purchased for a project I never started which can inspire me to actually make a start on it!


  • Do my nails.  It feels like such a long time since I actually sat down and did anything for my nails/hands.  I have really chipped, growing out grey gel polish on my fingers that has been there since November.  And I’ve not really noticed, or cared about it that much but I’m starting to think that, actually, it may be nice to spend some time caring for them.  Perhaps this month I should schedule in a manicure and a swipe of polish?…
  • Meal plan.  I have to admit that I’m pretty terrible at eating…I’m one of those people who doesn’t think of food and what they are going to eat on a day-to-day basis, let alone a meal by meal basis, and usually, I only think about food when I am super hungry then make bad food decisions.  I am going to try to set a meal plan so I know what I need to prepare and can make or buy things in advance and, hopefully, this will help me make better food choices and get me into eating more regularly.
  • Skin Care routine.  I’ve always liked the idea of having a skin care routine and have often bought products and intended to start a proper routine, but, the intention hasn’t lasted long and the products have been used once or twice then sat on the shelf gathering dust.  I do clean my face with an exfoliating wash, or a cleanser or even soap but I guess that can’t be classed as a routine?  I really want to start taking better care of my skin and start using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer daily with a facemask and exfoliator maybe 2 times a week.  Any suggestions for products I should look at using?

What goals do you have for this month?

7 thoughts on “Monthly Goals

  1. I’m so with you on that skin care routine things – I start strong and day 4 its over despite how important it is and how much I want to maintain it. You’ve inspired me to try harder!

    1. Thanks! Im like that too! Or i go and buy the full set of matching items and find that they dont work for my skin or something then get disheartened! xxx

  2. Rosehip is oil that most expensive brands use but add extras to it. I have found that rosehip alone works wonders for my face. I apply it after the shower and it is good for all skin types. I also really love the moisturizer Seven. You can now get it at Target. Its a bit pricey but I buy a combo package from the beauty store. It includes an eye serum, moisturizer, and exfoliator. I am sure you could order both products off Amazon.

    1. Ooh! Thanks for the info! I have a really lovely rose cream cleanser that I have started to use which is lovely and moisturising too! I’ll keep an eye out for the Seven stuff!!! xxx

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