R is for Roxy Takes Over


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Mummy said that today, because the letter for the April A to Z Challenge is R, that I could take over her blog for the day!  I had to promise not to change anything on her blog though and I was only allowed to write this post, I had to agree with her but if I had my way, I’d change all her blog posts to pictures of me because I’m sure I’m much more interesting to look at than the posts she writes!

I’ve been watching and helping Mummy with her blogging since she started this blog so I sort of know what I am doing but, incase there are any mistakes then I will apologise now!  Hooman typey pads are not made for pupper toes to use easily!

So, how is everyone doing today?  I’ve been having a lovely sleep, its one of my very favorite things to do apart from snoozing and napping and digging.  I’ve really been liking the weather we are having at the moment, its been sunny but not too hot – perfect weather for a little play in the garden while Mummy digs for treasures.  She says that she is preparing the flower bed so she can plant some things to grow but she seems to be making big piles that are just stones and weeds…

The other day, my Mummy and Uncle went out in the day and came back with some new toys for me, they said they were Easter presents but I don’t know what that means… all I know is I have 3 new toys that I can get everyone to play with!  I had a piggy that you unscrew and Mummy puts these circle treats on, they take aaaagggggeeesss to get back off but they are yummy!  I also had a throwy thing and a tug toy that is really heavy duty, I don’t think I will be able to destroy it as quickly as other toys though!

How are you liking Mummys posts on the A to Z Challenge?  She has been working super hard on them, she tells me about them but I forget to listen sometimes….  How are you all doing on the challenge?  I think I will get Mummy to read some to me, she has read a few different ones to me when we are going to sleep!

Hope you all have a lovely day!  I hope Mummy lets me blog with you all again soon!  I’m off for a little nap now, blogging is super tiring isn’t it?

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Q is for Quiet


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Todays Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter is Q and the topic I have chosen for this letter is Quiet.

In a world that is filled with noise, from physical noise such as cars, phones, household goods, televisions, radios and chatter, to the mental noise of our brain – the lists and thoughts running through our head on a minute by minute basis I often feel the need to seek out some quiet.  I need to escape the hubbub of the day, switch off the thoughts I have and just escape to a place of solace where I can just exist for a while and become an observer of all that noise.

Sometimes, I like to sit and read in the quiet of my room, with no tv or music in the background, just the peaceful silence, other times I take a bath and lie fully immersed in the water just listening to my breath and heart creating their own musical pattern, and other times I like to sit and meditate, using Mindfulness and it’s teachings to help me observe the things I can’t change.

I have been on a few different mindfulness courses over the years and have found these lessons to be really helpful when we are surrounded with noise, both internally and externally, it can help you to focus on the moment, lets you check in with yourself and how you are feeling and raises an awareness of things that you may not have noticed before.

There are lots of ways to practice mindfulness, from breathing exercises to full on meditation sessions.  My favorite is the Calm App which lets you practice different mindful skills and is a really good guide when starting out.  I really like the Breathe section which helps you to focus on your breath.  This always helps to centre me and bring me back to the present moment.  I like to use this exercise when I am in work and need a few minutes to myself.

I think that having Quiet in our lives is even more important now than it ever has been and whether you choose mindfulness or any other way to have quiet moments, it is worth building this into your day-to-day routine.

How do you incorporate quiet into your life?

P is for Planning a Crafternoon

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I held my first Crafternoon to raise money for Mind back in December and have decided to host another one for Mind in July.  As today’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge letter is P I thought I would share with you how I plan for this event.

Where to hold the event.

I would love to host a large Crafternoon event and invite all my friends and family but it can be difficult to find a venue with parking that is easy to get to and that is cheap which is why I held my last event at home.  I will be doing the same for this event.

Guest list.

The size of your venue will determine how many people you can invite.  I can comfortably have around 8 people in my home so my guest list will be small.  Last Crafternoon I invited my close friends that I knew would enjoy the crafting aspect of the event but, even if no actual crafting takes place then getting a group of friends together who all have fun is always a good thing!


I bought invites from Amazon for my last event.  I chose these as they were art and craft themed but any invites would work.  You could set up an event on Facebook and invite your friends or send texts or emails to the people you want to attend, just remember to let them know the date and time, where the event will be and ask that they let you know if they can come or not.


I like to have a few different activities that people can try out that are not too hard to master.  At my last event, as it was in December, I chose a Christmas theme and chose to make paper decorations.  My friend also provided an activity where we were shown how to decorate our own pocket mirrors and phone cases which my guests loved.  I have not chosen a theme for this event yet, though no theme is really necessary.  I am thinking of an activity involving scrapbooking and making cards.  My neighbour has also offered to show us how to make some jewellery which should go down well!

Activity Area.

It is worth setting up a designated area for your guests to do their crafting.  I set up my dining table with craft supplies and tools that we would need for the event and all my guests gathered around the table to do their crafting.  I had a separate area set up on my coffee table for another of the activities.

Food and Drink.

My friend, who is an excellent cake maker, made some cakes and brownies for the event and I also made a cake.  I provided tea, coffee and squash and asked my guests to bring a bottle of their choice to have if they wanted.  Most of my guests bought a bottle of wine each and we all sat and had a few glasses while crafting which was really lovely.  This time I am thinking of doing a few nibbles, things like crisps, peanuts, and other party food depending on how many people want to come.  It isn’t necessary to provide food but I thought it would add to the event atmosphere.

What sort of things would you add to plans for an event like this?  Let me know in the comments!!!

O is for Outfit of the Day


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It’s starting to get warmer and that means that I can start to break out my summer clothes finally!  And with today’s Blogging from A – Z post being the letter O I thought that there would be no better opportunity than to share with you my Outfit of the Day!

I work in an office that is open plan and can either be really chilly or can be pretty hot depending on what the heating decides to do that day so layering is a must for days when I am in work.  And, even though the weather is starting to get warmer, there are times when the day is still pretty cold with a breeze that feels sub-zero in the mornings but by the afternoon can be fairly warm and pleasant.  Today’s outfit is perfect for the weather we are currently having.

Untitled design(1)

I love mixing summer dresses with items that are meant for cooler weather and today I have picked my favorite summer dress, a lovely tie dye strappy piece, which in summer I wear with bare legs and shoulders.  Today I am teaming it with tights, a t-shirt from Primark, a long cardigan from Asda and my favorite, sparkly sandals (which are jelly shoes!).

I love this outfit, it is bright and fun but comfortable at the same time and pared with my black cardi isn’t ‘over-the-top’ bright for work.  I am a huge fan of open cardigans too, they are the perfect item to layer and add to many outfits.  I like to wear mine over shirts and leggings, jeans and t-shirts, dresses, cute skirts and tops, the list is pretty much endless!

I bought my dress at a festival several years ago and wear it each and every year.  I have worn it with a turtle neck top underneath and thick tights and boots in the winter, and can transition it to summer wear by adding either a long sleeve top, t-shirt, vest top or nothing underneath it.  It works really well with several different cardis over the top too, from my chunky arran knit cardi to a pale pink chunky knit cardi that I own.  I love the colours of it as I can mix it with pinks, blues, purples and black and it still looks lovely.  I can dress it up or down depending on where I am going too!  It really is the perfect dress for me!

I got my jelly shoes in a charity shop last year.  They were brand new with the tags still on and cost me £2.00 which I thought was a complete bargain!  I love how comfortable they are and I have worn them with black skinny jeans and socks, shorts and dresses.  They look really nice with bare feet or with socks.

What are you wearing today?  Let me know in the comments!

N is for Netflix


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Todays post is bought to you by the letter N and the topic Netflix!

I don’t really watch tv, I haven’t seemed to even switch the box on for such a long time so when I got an offer sent through to my inbox for a 30 day free trial of Netflix I didn’t really see the point in signing up for it.  This was 4 months ago and I now subscribe to the service monthly.  So, “what changed?” I can hear you all ask… well, one evening I didn’t really have anything to do and fancied sitting and watching something, anything and couldn’t find anything that I fancied watching on “normal” telly so I had a look on-line at what I could find on Netflix, saw that they still had Gilmore Girls on there (which I had watched parts of previously) and decided that I would use my free trial to watch the show from the beginning, then the plan was to cancel.

I watched the whole of Gilmore Girls (all 7 Series, 153 episodes) and then I saw that they had an extr a seriesfor the Gilmore Girls called A Year in the Life.  By this point I was nearing the end of my free trial so decided to stick with it and finish watching this show.

In work one day I overheard someone talking about The Umbrella Academy (on Netflix) so I then thought I’d watch the first episode to see what it was like… I was hooked and have since completed the first series and am anxiously awaiting the next series.

And now I have watched the following…

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Orphan Black
  • Black Mirror
  • Consumed
  • Girlboss

And I have a to watch list that keeps on growing steadily….

What series have you watched on Netflix?  Do you have any suggestions of things I can add to my list of things to watch?

M is for Morning Skincare Routine


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Today, as part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge I am sharing my Morning Skincare Routine.  I wrote about my Evening Skincare Routine at the start of this challenge (as my letter E post).

Untitled design(2)

My morning skin care routine is a lot different to my evening routine and I like to focus on cleansing and preparing my skin for make-up preparation if I am going to work, or just cleansing my skin when I am at home.

I like to start my morning by applying a creamy cleanser, I find the Soap And Glory Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk to be really good for my morning routine as it doesn’t dry my skin out and leaves my skin soft.  I usually apply this product to damp skin with my hands and use my Facial Brush if I need extra exfoliation.  I remove the cleanser with my facial sponges.  I will use a flannel to remove if my skin is looking a bit dull as it can help to boost the skins circulation and help to further aid in exfoliation.

I use B Pure Micellar Oil to remove any residue left on my skin from the cleanser.  As this is oil based it really helps to moisturise my skin while removing any impurities.  I use tissue to blot my skin to remove any excess oils that are left over from the micellar oil.

Once I have finished cleansing my skin I then use this moisturiser from Tesco, it is a light moisturiser which absorbs well into my skin and contains an SPF.  This moisturiser doesn’t leave my skin greasy or any residue on the surface of my skin which is perfect for days when I want to wear makeup.

If my skin is starting to look and feel dry I follow my moisturiser with Superdrug Calm Skin Hydrating 2 in 1 Serum and Moisturiser, which I tend to apply on weekends rather than work days.  If I do use this on days when I intend to wear makeup I will apply the serum and then let it sit for around 10 mins (perfect coffee drinking time!!!) then I will blot my skin before adding a primer to my skin.  It’s not that this serum is oily or leaves much of a residue but in the past, when using different serums I have learned that my makeup doesn’t last as long if I skip the waiting and blotting step.

What is your morning skin care routine like?


L is for Life (A Day In Mine…)


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Today’s post topic starts with the letter L and today I will be sharing with you what a typical week day in my Life looks like!

7:00am.  I wake up and reach for my phone to catch up on some blog posts from my favorite bloggers, respond to any comments I may have received and check up on my Instagram and Twitter.

7:30am.  I get up and start getting ready for my day.  I wash my face, brush my teeth and decide what I am going to wear for the day if I haven’t picked out an outfit the night before.

7:45am.  I put on my makeup and sort my hair out and spritz myself with my favorite perfume (incase you are wondering its Yardley English Rose!)

7:50am.  I wake Roxy up.  She’s a typical teenager trapped in a dog’s body and hates the mornings!  She would stay in bed if I’d let her.

7:55am.  We head downstairs and I let Roxy out into the garden to do her thing.  I put the kettle on and prepare my lunch for the day.  Once the kettle is boiled I make myself a coffee and fill my flask with coffee to take with me to work too.

8:10am.  Usually by this time I am ready for a hit of nicotine (I know, it’s bad and I’m slowly weaning myself off of cigarettes and onto a vape…)

8:20am.  I drink my coffee and start the hunt for my car keys and other things I will need for the day.

8:30am.  I say goodbye to Roxy and head out of the house and to my car to start my journey to work.

8:45am.  I arrive at work and park in the usual spot.  At this point I will have another nicotine fix before heading in.

8:55am.  I get to my desk and fire up my pc and log myself in to the system.

9:00am.  While my pc is loading all the software I use I check what work has been allocated to me, sort through it all and place it in piles from highest priority to lowest and in order of geographical areas.  (The work I do covers the whole of Wales and gets processed in order of area types.)

9:10am.  Once I’m logged in to my pc and all the software has loaded I check my emails and respond to any that I need to, otherwise I read and file them away into their relevant folders.

9:20am.  I start the work that has been allocated to me.

10:00am.  Breakfast!  I bring Weetabix to work with me that I eat at my desk as I work as I really struggle to eat breakfast any earlier, it makes me feel a bit sick if I eat too early.

11.00am.  Break time!  We don’t have a proper break allocated to us except for a lunch break but we are allowed to make coffee/tea whenever and at this time I tend to make myself a coffee and have a snack (usually a piece of fruit) at the same time while I work.

1:00pm.  Time for lunch.  I bring sandwiches with me and will eat them while I read something I have downloaded to my Kindle or I go out for a walk with a friend.  I find that this “time out” can really help me to re-gain my work focus and boosts my energy for the afternoon.

1:30pm.  Time to return to my desk.  I re-check my emails and respond if needed and then I re-check my work allocation to see how well I have progressed and to alter my priority if needed.

3:00pm.  Coffee time.  By this time I really need a caffeine hit and I will treat myself to a snack of some description, sometimes this will be a yoghurt, other times crisps or a piece of cake.

5:00pm.  I work through until 5pm most days, though we do have flexi time available to us which means that I can accrue time if I work earlier or later which enables me to leave work from 4pm onwards.  Usually, though, I work from 9 – 5 as I find these hours suit me the best.  I close down all of the applications that I have been using and log off from the system, gather my things and start to walk over to the car park to retrieve my car.

5:05pm.  I reach my car and start my journey home.

5:25pm.  I arrive home.  Roxy has usually only just woken up and will greet me at the door stretching and yawning.

5:30pm.  I get changed out of my work clothes and into home clothes (jeans and a hoodie or t-shirt).

5:40pm.  I let Roxy out into the garden and put the kettle on to make a coffee.

5:45pm.  I make a start on tidying the house and wash up my lunch box and flask for the next day.  I might put a clothes wash on at the same time and put the hoover around or sweep the floors if needed.

6:00pm.  I drink my coffee and sit down to catch up on the blogs I follow, respond to any comments and work on my blog schedule and any up-coming posts that I need.

7:00pm.  Dinner time!!!!  Both Roxy and I eat at the same time, she has her food while I have mine.  I usually opt or something easy for me, usually something with toast, pasta or rice.  Roxy always has the same food she always does, dry kibble!

7:30pm.  I clean up from my dinner and make another coffee.  I then head to my front room and settle in for the night with a tv programme or Netflix.

9:00pm.  Shower time.  I like to have a shower at this time as it means my hair can dry naturally, I find that it is easier to style if it air dries rather than using a hair dryer.

9:20pm.  If I’m not in my pjs by now then I normally climb into them now!

9:30pm.  I head back downstairs and will make another coffee or make myself some squash.  I will work on my blog a bit more or continue to watch my tv show.

10:20pm.  I let Roxy out into the garden so she can do her biz while I check the fridge for sandwich options for the following day.

10:30pm.  I’m head off upstairs and check out my clothes for the next day.  I like to have an idea of what I could wear before the day arrives.  This little habit stops me feeling anxious in the morning and having a panic about what to wear!

10:40pm.  I’m ready for bed.  I like to lay and read for a bit before lights off as it helps me to sleep.

11:00pm.  I check that my alarm is set for the morning and turn out the lights, snuggle up to Roxy and we both drift off to sleep.

What does your typical day-to-day life look like?

I is for Interviews


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Today is day 9 of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge and todays topic is Interviews.  Interviews can be fairly daunting things to attend, let alone prepare for, there are so man things to consider from what to wear, how to greet the interviewer, what questions will be asked, how to prepare answers, even things like how should you sit and how to present yourself.  So, in this post I am going to share some help, advice and tips that I have learned along the way and from the many, many interviews that I have attended.  Hopefully, by applying some of these things you will feel less anxious about the interview and maybe, even, enjoy the whole process.

  1. Research the company.  These days most companies have a website and various other social media channels which make it easy to research just what the company does.  Look for information about its history, when it was set up, it’s core beliefs and values, how many employees it has and which sector it sits in.  Having this knowledge is useful as it shows that you have an interest in the company from how it started to how it got to where it is now.
  2. Research the job role.  While the job role may be generic, for example administration assistant, find out exactly what that means to that company.  Job roles can vary greatly from one company to another so it is vital that you research just what the company expects from you in the role you have applied for.  More often than not, you should be able to find out this information from the pack you received when applying for the job, however, looking online and doing a search should give you an idea of the types of activities you will be expected to carry out on a day to day basis.  Knowing this information can help you build some relevant questions to ask your interviewers.
  3. Research your interviewers.  Often, when you get invited to attend an interview, you will be given the name or names of the persons interviewing you.  It is worth spending some time looking into who they are and what their business backgrounds are, where they started, how long they have been with the company and any other useful information.  Not only will this give you an idea of who the interviewers are but it can help you to generate some interesting questions to ask them.  You should be able to find out information about your interviewers via the company website or from their LinkedIn profiles.  This step will also show that you are not only interested in the company and the job but in the people who you will be working with.
  4. Write down any questions that you may have from the first 3 points.  This is essential.  Do not rely on your memory to try to remember any questions.  have a notepad or paper beside you when researching the first 3 points and make note of questions as you go.  You can always go back and review or change the questions afterwards.
  5. Find out the dress code for the company.  Knowing the dress code for the company will help you in your choice of attire for the interview.  Have a look for the company on Facebook and see what images have been shared of their workers.  Make a note of what they are wearing, is it super formal and mostly black and white or are the clothing choices bright, modern and cool?  Once you know this you can incorporate the companies overall style into your interview outfit.  I would always suggest dressing smart but adding a hint of the company style into your outfit too, for example a skirt and jacket but instead of a shirt, maybe a bright, plain fitted t-shirt under the jacket, or a patterned dress under a formal jacket.
  6. Prepare your outfit and accessories.  Make sure that your outfit is clean and freshly laundered and pressed.  Check that your shoes are clean and any scuffs are fixed, and if necessary get them re-soled or re-heeled.  Check that your bag is clean, dust free and empty!  Write down any questions you have into a smart notebook, and make sure that you have a pen that writes.
  7. Pack your bag with interview necessities.  I like to pack my bag with only the things I may need for the interview.  My packing essentials are mints, tissues, deodorant or perfume, lip balm, hair brush, bottle of water, smart pens, notebook, spare tights.  Your list may differ slightly but it is best to only pack the things you may need, there is nothing worse than reaching into your bag for something and pulling out a load of unnecessary items, or worse, spending valuable time rummaging around to find one thing.
  8. Show up early.  I like to arrive to an interview around 15 minutes early.  This gives me time to park my car, find the interview place, go to the toilet, carry out any last-minute appearance touch-ups and gives me time to breath and calm myself.  These 15 minutes can make all the difference to your demeanour in the interview.
  9. Match your interviewers body language, posture and voice.  Watch how your interviewer sits and moves and mirror those gestures and postures.  By doing this you are encouraging feelings of trust and understanding.  Keep the same tone of voice as your interviewer, match the speed at which they talk, and talk clearly.  Try not to be too lengthy in your answers, shorter and more concise answers are easier for your interviewer to follow and remember.
  10. Ask Questions.  In all interviews I have ever attended I have been asked if I have any questions.  The worst thing to do is not have any at all which is where our research from the first 3 points comes in handy, this is your time to show that you have an understanding of the company, what is expected of you and about your interviewers.  Try to ask at least one question from each – 1 on the company, one on your role and one about your interviewer or interviewers.
  11. Maintain eye contact.  When the interviewer is speaking try to maintain eye contact, and use open body language which will help you seem focused and interested.  When you are speaking try to maintain eye contact or look from interviewer to interviewer.  This shows confidence and helps to build a bond of trust with your interviewers.
  12. Say thank you.  once the interview is over remember to thank the interviewers for their time and the opportunity to have an interview/be considered for the role.  Shake hands and, if not already mentioned, ask when it is likely that you will hear from them.

Do you have any other tips that you could add?  Have you used any of the tips I have listed and how have they helped?

H is for Hair


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I always dye my hair bright colours, I’ve been pink, blue, green, orange, turquoise, peach, red, magenta, purple, lilac and all shades and tones in between.  I’ve been dying my hair for around 20 years, and over that time I have had lots of questions about caring for coloured hair so, as todays Blogging From A to Z letter is H, I thought I would share a bit about my hair, dying it and caring for it afterwards.

***I am in no way a “hair expert” and these hints/tips are what I have learned through research and my own trial and error.***

***Please always read any dye or bleach instructions fully before attempting any home colouring and ALWAYS perform a skin and hair test at least 24hrs prior to using.***

When I decide to dye my hair I like to start with a base tone as light as possible so I always start with hair bleach.  I use Jerome Russell Bblonde Powder Bleach and 40 Vol 12% Cream Peroxide from the same range to lighten my hair.  I add the peroxide to the powder and stir through using a plastic tint brush in a glass bowl.  Before applying to my hair I add a generous amount of cheap hair conditioner to the prepared bleach.  I find that adding this in stops my hair from getting overly dry during the lightning process.  As my hair is naturally dirty blonde it doesn’t take long for the bleach to start working its magic and I find that after around 15 minutes it is ready to be rinsed off.  I would recommend checking on your hair every few minutes to see how well it is processing and never leave it on for more than 20 minutes.  Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

IMG_3464 Once the bleach has lightened my hair to the desired level I then rinse off the bleach with cool water.  I towel it dry and then apply Bleach London white Toner which helps to even out the tone of my hair to an almost platinum shade.  Once this has been left on for the time stated in the instructions I rinse it off, again using cool water and then towel dry.

Now comes the fun part, putting the colour onto your hair!


I tend to use Bleach London Super Cool Colour dyes as it comes in an array of colours and take well to my hair and last quite a long time too.  They are semi-permanent colours and will fade over time but I have found these to fade evenly all over and the colour still remains pretty.  I have also used a few Pick & Mix Colours from Superdrug which also fade down really nicely.

The easiest thing I have found is to squeeze an amount of dye into a glass dish and apply to the hair-line with a dye brush before adding more dye directly to the hair using gloved hands and working through.  Once your hair is saturated with dye then get a length of cling film and wrap it over your head and hair before covering with a towel.  Leave it to sit for as long as is recommended in the manufacturers instructions before rinsing off with cool water.


Once you have rinsed and towel dried, apply a deep conditioning treatment such as Bleach London Reincarnation Mask or a hair oil like Superdrug Coconut Oil with Argan and leave to sit on the hair for as long as you want.  Personally, I aim to deep treat my hair for around an hour.  This step will ensure that your hair is soft and manageable and will retain the colour for longer.

Tips to make your colour last.

  • To make the colour last longer I recommend always buying a second bottle of colour and each wash, add a bit to both the shampoo and conditioner as you use it.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week, again, adding a bit of dye to the conditioner, this will prevent your hair looking dry and becoming unmanageable.
  • Dry shampoo is your friend, where possible, use dry shampoo instead of washing.  I try to wash my hair twice a week when it has been coloured.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair or use baby shampoo.
  • Try to avoid styling products.  I have found that hair spray especially, seems to suck colour from my hair.

When you want to change your hair colour it is important to fade your hair as much as possible before bleaching or re-dying.  In order to fade the colour you will want to wash your hair as much as possible, anti dandruff shampoo is really good at helping to fade dye!  By fading the colour as much as you can it will mean that, should you use bleach, you shouldn’t need to leave it on your hair for long.

If you want to change your colour without bleaching then think about what colour your hair is now and what colour you may want to end up with.  Transitioning from similar colours can be fairly easy and I have gone from pink to purple to turquoise without any need for bleach.

Here’s a few pictures of my hair over time!

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