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Today we have the letter R which stands for Reblog and Reviews in my A-Z of Blogging for the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge.

Reblog.  A reblog is a share of either one of your posts by another blogger or you sharing another bloggers post.  If you are going to re-share another bloggers post then explain in the reblog the reason you are sharing it.  I don’t tend to reblog a lot of other peoples content unless it is something I have really enjoyed and I tend to point my readers toward the blog post that I’d like them to read by adding a link to their post or blog.  Should someone request that the reblog is removed, which the original writer may ask you to do, it doesn’t matter about their reasoning, it is common courtesy to remove the post as soon as you are asked to do so, and the same should be expected if you have work reblogged that you do not wish to be shared by another blogger.

Reviews.  Reviews are brilliant for other people to find out just what a product or service is like from a real person and many people will turn to reviews before making a product purchase so you can gain a lot of traffic from these sorts of posts.  There are several different kinds of reviews, from paid reviews, sponsored reviews, unpaid (personal) reviews and many others in between.  Whatever kind of review you are writing will need to be disclosed at the beginning (or end) of the post.  I like to disclose my kind of review both at the beginning and end so the audience knows.  Failure to disclose this information especially when you have received money or goods in exchange could lead to a fine or your blog being shut down as it is now law as part of the Advertising Standards Agency Influencer Guide.

What do you think of reblogs and reviews?  I’d love to hear your views in the comments!

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