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Today’s letter for the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge is the letter N which stands for Networking and Niche in my A-Z of Blogging.

Networking.  Building up a network of like-minded bloggers is a must for any blogger and in its essence, networking is all about communicating with other bloggers.  Networking is pretty simple in the blogging world, commenting on blog posts, following other bloggers and taking part in conversations that are going on are just a few ways to network with others.  Taking part in things like blog awards, guest posting, collaborations and question and answer sessions are other ways you can build up a network.  Each blogger will have a different set of bloggers that they network with depending on the types of blog, interests, hobbies and other factors.  Many of the bloggers I have networked with have become friends in real life and online and they really are valuable in all sorts of ways!

Niche.  Your niche is the overarching theme of your blog or the main topic of your blog.  This blog, for example, is a lifestyle blog which covers post topics such as mental health, crafts, DIY, books I am reading amongst other things.  Blogs can fall into all sorts of niches – gardening, business, finance, fashion, computing, gaming, photography, the list is almost endless, and generally, most blog posts would cover something to do with the overall theme.  Blogs don’t necessarily have to fall into one kind of niche either, I have read blogs that are business and mental health-themed and cover topics such as how to reduce stress in the work environment and other mental health/work things.  Having a niche that your blog fits into can help you to generate ideas for posts as well as attracting an audience that is interested in that theme.  By keeping blog posts related to your niche you will find that readers will keep coming back and you will gain more followers as the audience will come to know what to expect from your posts.

What are your thoughts on networking and niches?  Where does your blog fit niche wise?  I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have so let me know in the comments!

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