Sunday Funday – Looking Back

Looking back

It’s now 2020 and the start of a new decade, a whole 10 years have passed since 2010 and I am still struggling to comprehend where the last 10 years has gone!  And even though it seems to have passed by quickly, 10 years is a really long time when you think about it.  36500 days, 876,000 hours, 52,560,000 minutes, and there is so much that has happened in that time globally, locally and personally.

I’m sure, wherever you are, you will have seen some of the news highlights of the past 10 years, whether it be celebrity news, economy, business or any other kind of news.  Seeing these changes has made me think about my life over the past 10 years and things that have happened to me in that time so today I am sharing my “Decade of Highlights”.

  • I was made redundant
  • My brother and sister in law got married
  • I passed my driving test
  • I got accepted onto my Foundation Degree course in uni
  • I became an auntie
  • I worked 3 jobs in one go to fund myself through uni
  • I passed my Foundation Degree and was accepted onto my BA (Hons Degree)
  • I handed my notice in on 3 different jobs for different reasons
  • I undertook a Nail Technologies course and passed
  • I moved into my own home
  • I got a full time, permanent job
  • I got a dog
  • I attended a ton of festivals all over the UK
  • I got back in touch with old friends
  • I started my blog
  • I learned so many new skills that would be hard to even list
  • I overcame fears
  • I got diagnosed with Aspergers
  • I have begun to understand myself

There are so many small things that have happened too but there really are too many to list, but the biggest thing that has happened is that I started 2010 with no real idea of what I wanted to do and have ended it, and begun 2020, with a solid idea of what I want to do and a plan of how I can achieve my goals!  Hopefully, this coming decade will be the decade where all my dreams come true!

What are some of your highlights of the last decade?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday – Looking Back

  1. Hello you, the past ten years has been a rollercoaster ride, i still work in the same warehouse as a forklift driver, i found love after my divorce and lost love, i decided relationships are not for me, my mother got cancer and dementia, my father needs me to look after him so i moved back home, I lost all my friends, gained a lot of debts, then five years ago i found a friend, Emily, but my family and her family dont want us to be friends, now in 2020 my mother doesn’t have very long to live, but in the chaos of my life I have found God, i would say my life is boring, but its definitely an adventure.

  2. What do you mean you were made redundant?

    I graduated from my BA (just a regular undergrad here), lived in South Korea (twice), got my BEd, supply teacher, nanny, full-time teacher, first love and first major heartbreak, more confident in myself than ever before!

    1. In the job I was working in befire Uni my position became nul and void and I wasn’t required for work anymore as the position I was in ceased to exist. I was really sad at the time but it enabled me to follow my dreams and go to uni! xxx

  3. You have done so well. I am very impressed with your progress.
    In the last decade I have broken my back for the second time, had three operations,learnt to walk again, turned 60, my youngest son got married, I have become a grandmother twice over. I have retired, and started blogging.💜💜💜

    1. Thank you! Wow, you have achieved a lot too! I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to learn to walk again! And Grandmother twice! 🙂 Awww! xxxx

    1. Yes it did! I sort of feel like I have an explanation for being the way I am and that makes everything so much easier for me now! Bet you feel the same? xxx

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