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It’s the first Sunday in December and also the first Sunday of Blogmas!  Sunday’s on the blog for December will now be known as Sparkle Sunday which will be about Christmas fashion!  Today’s entry is all about my fashion choices for Christmas Eve!

For many Christmasses, Christmas Eve has been a day of getting up really early and hitting the shops to get the Christmas vegetables and any other Christmas food and drink items that may have been forgotten or that need to be bought last minute.  I normally choose my most comfy, easy to wear clothes to run these errands and along the way I pick up some new, cosy pyjamas, socks and slippers.

Once I get home I have a shower, wash my hair and face and apply some lovely scented body cream before sliding into my new pyjamas.

The day is spent preparing all the vegetables for Christmas dinner and cooking some things, like the mashed potatoes, which can be heated up on the day.  Once all the preparations have been made, and the table has been laid, all the presents are wrapped, I sit on the sofa with a glass of bubbly and snuggle down with Roxy to watch Christmas films until bed time.

Pyjamas are the best thing on Christmas Eve as they are cosy and warm, easy to move about in and make me feel really Christmassy.  I love fleece or brushed cotton pyjamas and with so many different styles and prints available it often doesn’t feel like you are wearing pyjamas.  And if you have anyone popping in unannounced, you can chuck a jumper over the top and not feel too underdressed or self-conscious!

What are your go-to fashions for Christmas Eve?  I’d love to know so leave me a comment!

7 thoughts on “Blogmas – Sparkle Sunday

  1. I think Christmas Eve is the same for a lot of people, last-minute shopping! When my parents lived in a bigger city, that’s when my dad would do all his shopping. INSANE RIGHT?! But now it’s for food mostly. And then church – we all go to church on Christmas Eve. It’s basically the only time I don’t mind going to my parent’s church. But mostly just for the tradition of it all. Christmas Day I refuse to get out of my pyjamas. There is NO NEED for it! lol Like if my parents have invited non-family members to come to dinner then I will, but other than that, PJS ALL DAY! I just bought myself some fleece ones this year – will be using them for pj day at school and for the whole Christmas break lol

    1. I love midnight mass but haven’t been for ages, though I might go this year depending on everyone’s plans! There is something really lovely about the candle light, prayers and Christmas carols! Last time I went it was so lovely I cried xxx

      1. I think that’s why I’ve missed a few years! I always seem to be in bed by 11 at the latest these days! Gone are the days when I could stay up til the morning! Xxx

      2. I was never one who really could stay up that late. Like my brother can still stay up until like 2am and sleep until noon. I am definitely not one of those people! Even in my early 20’s as soon as it was midnight I was leaving the party haha

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