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It’s the first Saturday of December which means it is also the first Saturday of Blogmas, otherwise known as Surprise Saturday on my blog!  Surprise Saturday’s are, well, a surprise!  In today’s Surprise Saturday I am sharing a memory that I have of Christmas when I was small.

Back when my brothers and I were small we would wake up on Christmas Eve and play games with the rest of the family, watch films and generally have a nice family time.  There were never decorations put up though, and we would have our bath, Mum would read to us and then we would go to sleep.

On Christmas morning we would wake up, probably far too early in my parents’ eyes, with a sack of presents having been left at the end of our beds.  We would drag our presents into Mum and Dad’s room, wait patiently for Dad to make everyone a cup of tea and return before delving into our gifts.

Once all the gifts had been opened we would make our way downstairs.  The sight that greeted us was one of magic, a Christmas tree standing in the corner with lights all twinkling, paper chains hanging from the ceiling along with foiled 3d snowflakes and balls and tinsel draped over the tv unit and bannister rails.  It was truly a sight to behold.

My brothers and I were always amazed at how different the rooms seemed and I can’t imagine how much work it must have taken to put the decorations up after looking after 3 hyped-up kids on Christmas Eve and I always think back to that time with a smile on my face as it really did make our Christmas seem even more magical.

This simple act of waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate the house contrasts so much with Christmas now where it seems that there is a race on to be the first person to get the decorations up and I know of people putting their decorations up in October and November.  Last year I decorated the house on 1st December as I wanted the house to be festive for my Crafternoon and this year I put the tree up last night but have a few other bits to sort out.  I’d love to be able to put the decorations up on Christmas Eve but have so many festive plans before hand that I want my guests to feel Christmassy when they pop around to mine.

When do you put your decorations up?  Do you have any memories of putting decorations up when you were small?  I’d love to learn about any of your decoration memories so let me know in the comments!

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  1. That sounds amazing – no decorations, then waking up on Christmas morning and there they are 🙂 Some of my favourite times decorating for Christmas have been with our patients on the wards. One year, we were last to decorate cos each year, we would win the prize for the best-decorated ward. So, the other wards started to copy us 🙂 We left ours til the night before the judges came round so it looked fresh and new – nobody was able to copy it! 😉

  2. WOW! For a child, waking up to a Christmas wonderland in their house on Christmas day must have been amazing. Brings the magic of Christmas alive a little bit more, don’t ya think?

    When my brother and I were little, we would decorate the Christmas tree on the first Saturday of December. And if December started on a Saturday then it was even better!! Eventually it got to the point where we would want the tree up and my mom wasn’t ready for the rest, so my brother and I would just do the tree – it was our holiday job. Then my mom would decorate the rest of the house how she wanted it to look with everything else. Then I just took over. I love Christmas and especially decorating for it so I would do it all myself on the first Saturday of December.

    Now that I am my own person and in my own place (mostly) I tend to decorate early. Like EARLY. My rule is: any day after Remembrance Day is fair game. So it’s usually November 12th haha! But I just have a small little tree and nothing else to put out, and this year that’s in my classroom. Because I love Christmas so much I want to experience it for as long as possible! I even hate that the churches I have gone to only start singing Christmas carols on the first Sunday of Advent – which only gives 4 Sundays to sing. Some of them are good about it and ALL the songs are Christmas carols for those four weeks, but the one I go to know, does like one song and that’s it. I don’t really like how the worship leader does things sometimes haha!

    1. It was really magical! Your family Christmas decorating sounds lovely too!

      We used to sing Christmas songs through the whole of December in church and school and put on a carol service!

      I’m taking mum and dad to a Christmas choir performance near me in a weeks time and I can’t wait! Xxx

  3. When I was a child our Christmas was very much like yours and yes it was magical. When the boys were small we put the decorations up the week before Christmas. Ever since they have left home we do it as the mood takes us, depends if the grandchildren are due to visit. 💜💜

  4. Too early is not good, it’s about balancing the right amount of anticipation. I make the kids wait until around a week or so before Christmas Day. So this year, next weekend.

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