Blogtober Results and Reflections


Since the end of Blogtober, which saw me answering the same 3 questions each day ( What made me feel enthusiastic?  What drained me of energy?  What did I learn about myself?), I have been analysing my answers and thinking about how I can make changes to my day to day life to change the energy drains and to bring in more things that make me feel more enthusiastic.

What made me feel enthusiastic?  Mostly the things that made me feel enthusiastic or filled me with enthusiasm were crafts that I enjoy, creating logos, drawing and decorating.  Other things that got my enthusiasm flowing were taking time to listen to audiobooks, read, spending time with family and friends, housework, making plans and getting tasks ticked off from my to-do list.

What drained me of energy?  Work drained me of energy quite a bit which came as no real surprise.  The weather getting colder, rain, the mornings and evenings getting darker, headaches, tiredness, being interrupted when I am in the middle of something and not being as productive as I had planned were also big energy drains.

What changes will I be implementing?  I have been thinking about changes I can make in order to feel more enthusiastic about everyday life and have decided that I need to make changes regarding my job and how I plan my time.  I am not sure whether I need a total change of job, looking at a career in something that is creative and gives me an outlet for all my skills or if I need a change of work pattern so I can utilise my spare time to spend larger parts of my day focusing on my own creative projects.  I would like to better plan my day so that each draining activity is broken up with an activity that makes me enthusiastic so that I am less focused on the negatives of certain things and more focused on completing them so I can then do something I enjoy.  One of the lessons that I learned during this time was that I am able to be less drained of energy when I have fun things to look forward to and that the enthusiasm I have for some things can be carried through to less enjoyable ones.

In all, this was a really useful and interesting challenge that I set myself for Blogtober and I think it is one that I shall be doing again in the future.

Did you learn anything during October?  Has it made you re-think how you do things?  I’d be really interested to hear any of your thoughts so let me know in the comments!

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    1. Me too, it was really interesting to take part in and at the beginning I didn’t think I could learn much but looking back, I have so many things I have learned and can implement going forward! Xxx

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