Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Today’s Top 10 are all random things about me that you may not know!

  • When I was younger (and this is written in one of my primary school diaries) I wanted to be a wallpaper or card designer.
  • My first pet was a rabbit named Sammy, a brown Belgian rabbit, he was shortly joined by Titch, a grey and white dwarf rabbit and Teddy, a pale fawn-coloured lop.
  • I haven’t eaten meat in about 20 years, I really don’t like the texture or taste.
  • I was born in Swindon and lived in Wooton Basset until I was 3 when we moved to Wales.
  • I have worked in payroll type positions most of my working life but I am terrible at maths
  • If I could have a dream job it would be something to do with social media, blogging and graphic design.
  • My earliest memory is of my Dad and I sitting on a beach, I must have been around 2 or so, sharing a bag of prawns which my Dad was teaching me to shell!
  • I am still friends with my best friend from primary school, and after 35 years we still speak quite often.
  • I can sense when there is a spider in the room before I even see it.
  • I’ve only been abroad twice, and never on a plane!

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