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Wednesday (3)

Google informed me that it is Mental Health Week in America this week which coincides with my Words On Wednesday post where I wanted to talk about my mental health as I feel like I haven’t done an update in ages.

I’m still taking my Sertraline which the Dr prescribed to me over a year ago now.  My current dosage is 150mgs though I am currently wondering whether I should go back to the Dr for a review as I’m not sure that the dosage I am taking is enough or if the Sertraline is still the best medication for me.

I’ve been having sleep issues, again, recently, from hardly sleeping one day to sleeping nearly the full day away the next and I’m feeling constantly tired.  I’ve been putting this down to my shoulder pain but I’m starting to worry that it could be a dip in my mental health.

I do get more tired as the season’s change, the dull days and damp weather affect my mood quite a bit normally, so perhaps this is not something to worry about too much but maybe a visit to the dr would be a good idea.

I’m pretty lucky that I have close friends and family who I can talk to about how I’m feeling and that they check up on me regularly but I do urge you to pay attention to friends and family and to chat with them about how they are really feeling, especially as the weather changes.  So many people are affected by SAD and having a friend to speak with can help tremendously.

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  1. So I am by no means a medical person or have any idea about what I’m talking about BUT do you take vitamin D supplements? I started a few years ago and the transformation in my energy levels, especially in fall and winter, changed drastically! Like it’s amazing. I take one little pill in the morning and that’s it. Stops me from getting sick, gives me more energy, let’s me sleep better. It’s pretty great. But I have no idea what it would do for you, or anyone else. I just like that it’s natural lol and in the winter we need more vitamin D anyway.

  2. I totally agree this can be a depressing time of year and every little helps, yes Vitamin D tablets do help, we take them. As for discussing how you are feeling with friends that helps too.
    I also agree about talking to you GP about your medication and dosage . GPs often are happy just to leave you on medicine that no longer suits you just to make their lives easy.

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