A Year In Statistics

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I thought it would be interesting to share my blog statistics from when I started my blog to the day of its first birthday as a way to record them and use them as a basis for next years statistics.

I know that statistics can be a weird one when it comes to blogging, some people can see them as being a mark of failure or success, and while I have been aware of my blog’s statistics and been interested to see the highs and lows of the numbers, I have not been too hung up on them overall.  I have learned that readers will come and go, as will comments and likes and it is not really a reflection of you, the blogger, its a reflection of your audience.  Sometimes your views, likes and comments may be low but this isn’t necessarily a reflection of you, it could be that your audience is busy with their own life events.

Anyway, onto my blog statistics from the day I started blogging to 28th September 2019 when my blog turned 1!

Blog launched – 28/09/2018


  • First post published – 16/09/2018 (I backdated the first few posts)
  • First like on a post – 24/10/2019
  • Posts published before my first like – 12
  • First comment – 12/12/2019
  • Posts published before my first comment – 31
  • First Follow – 21/11/2018

Followers Milestones

  • First 100 follows – 02/02/2019
  • 200 follows – 29/03/2019
  • 300 follows – 29/05/2019
  • 400 follows – 18/07/2019
  • 500 follows – 11/09/2019

Blog Schedule

  • Posting schedule when I started – Tuesday & Friday
  • Moved to Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday in December 2018
  • First Blog Challenge – April A-Z Challenge 2019

Stats Now

  • Total Views – 14700
  • Visitors – 10022
  • Likes – 5585
  • Comments – 2248
  • Followers – 532
  • Posts – 353

Daily Averages

  • Views – 40
  • Visitors – 27
  • Likes – 15
  • Comments – 6
  • Followers – 1

9 thoughts on “A Year In Statistics

  1. It’s always so cool to look at the total views and visitor numbers, because wow, that’s a lot of times for people to stop by and hang out on a blog.

    1. It is isn’t it! I don’t check my stats day to day but when I do I never think to look at the year totals so was amazed by how many people have stopped by! Xxx

    1. Thank you! I love seeing the statistics! And I’m so glad to have stayed the course too! And glad I’ve made so many blog friends along the way who are so supportive! Xxx

  2. You’ve done pretty well in capturing your growth throughout this time. I should probably do the same too lol!

    I’m quite sure that you have superseded all these achievements by miles.

    Cheers to many more viewers and successes Suzi!

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