David Nash – Exhibition

I have been a huge fan of David Nash for such a long time, so when I found out that there was to be an exhibition of his work in my city museum I couldn’t turn down the chance to go and see his work in real life.

My friend and I booked the day off from work, I drove us to a park and ride where we caught a bus into the city centre and we made our way to the museum.  The exhibition was free to enter and we had a lovely time looking at the sculptures that David Nash had created.

David Nash works with natural materials, mainly wood, and creates some really lovely pieces which are thoughtful, sympathetic to the materials he works with and are aesthetically pleasing.  Sometimes the wood is cut and left to dry out which creates work that is not controlled in any way other than by the elements, other times the wood is cut into shapes and made into shapes, other times the wood is burned to a blackened, charcoal which is wonderfully textured.

My favourite has to be the sphere, pyramid and cube that have been charcoaled, the drawings behind them are the 2d forms of the sculptures.  Time and again this piece has made an appearance in my school, college and university work.  There is something honest and familiar about the shapes, maybe because they are the shapes that have been taught to us at an early age, but seeing them in real life was amazing.

Once we had seen the exhibition we went to the museum cafe and had coffees and ice cream before walking around Cardiff and exploring the shopping arcades, even visiting my favourite shop Pen and Paper before heading home.

Have you been to any exhibitions recently?  Which artist’s work have you seen?  I’d love to hear where you have been in the comments!

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