Weekly Roundup 08/09/19 – 14/09/19


  • Reading

This week I have been getting back into reading on my Kindle and have been continuing to read Into The Darkness by Sibel Hodge.  I’m now around halfway through and enjoying the book a lot.

  • Watching

I’ve been watching a LOT of YouTube videos about toilet cisterns and fixing them…I have a problem with the cistern filling too much and then leaking through the overflow pipe and onto my outside steps.  I am pretty freaked out by toilet cisterns and really, really don’t like them, well, the whole looking in them and all that, they are ok if the cistern lid is on so this has been a huge ordeal for me.  I have managed to remove the cistern lid and adjust the ballcock (even writing this is making me feel all weird…) but the water is still coming out of the toilet.  I think, after watching further videos, that I need to adjust the water pressure which should stop the water coming out of the little fill-up spout when the toilet isn’t being flushed though I can see no way of doing this.  It’s a bit annoying now.

  • Listening to

I have been listening to lots of different podcasts in work, I found one by Ian Paget who runs LogoGeek which is so interesting!  Another one I have been loving is The Deeply Graphic Designcast which I have found to have lots of really useful advice on.  I have found some blog podcasts too which I will be listening to this week coming!

  • Eating

Pizza.  Need I say more?  Pizza is one of those foodstuffs which I love and is a go-to food when I can’t be bothered to cook.  My friend came over in the week and treated me to a pizza in celebration of a milestone that I had hit.  Celebration pizza is even better than normal pizza in my opinion, and sharing it with someone makes it even better!

  • Drinking

This week I fancied a change from drinking squash, which I drink an absolute ton of, seriously, I go through around 2 bottles a week, it’s crazy!  I decided that I was getting a bit bored of squash and that I needed to up my Vitamin C intake before cold and flu season really hits us, so I have been enjoying the water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it.  Lemon water has made a nice change, it’s not sweet or to sour, is refreshing, healthy, hydrating and I have been able to get cold season ready!

  • Doing

I’ve been working on some logo designs this week both on my laptop and in a sketchbook.  I usually do all of my planning and playing around on the computer but decided that I would like to see a flow of ideas which I can always come back to and work on further whenever I choose.  It has made a difference to some of the outcomes of my designs and the whole process feels a lot more organic.  I’m pretty excited to see where the sketchbook will take me!

  • Feeling

I’ve been feeling really tired this week, so much so that I have either had a nap when I have gotten home from my day job or I have been going to bed around 9:00pm.  I’m wondering whether I need to have a few blood tests, I have an underactive thyroid which I control with medication, to see if the medication needs adjusting.  I’ve also been feeling a bit frustrated with myself, my shoulder is still bad and I am getting annoyed with the amount of stuff I can, or can’t do in the house.  I did manage to wash my hair though which felt soo good even though I could only use one hand!

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 08/09/19 – 14/09/19

  1. I have also been going to bed around 9 pm lol week two of teaching and a cold hit me hard. But I’ve gotten into a flow with planning I think and am doing a trial run this week of a new schedule to see if I can get through the material better and once I have the changes in place then I will be able to plan more in advance! WOOHOO I love having plans done!

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