How do You Feel About Re-Blogs?

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I’ve been fairly lucky with the blog in the past year, I have not had any negative or hateful comments left for me and when the Tygpress blog skim thing happened I seemed to escape that where many other bloggers had work of theirs taken and shared on that site without their knowledge.  But today I am asking how you feel about re-blogs?

Re-blogging is a way for bloggers to share great content that they have read, written by another blogger, that is shared to the re-blogger’s audience.  Usually, there is a comment by the re-blogger about the post they are sharing and could be about how great the post was, or how it is relevant to something that has been raised on their own blog, or something about how the post resonated with them.  I have occasionally re-blogged others posts if I think it will help them (for example, I have shared a blog post where someone was looking for people to answer a Survey Monkey questionnaire to help with their dissertation), or because I really loved what they had written and thought other readers may like it and other work that the original writer had written.

I don’t usually mind my posts being re-blogged, I have always either been asked if I minded someone sharing my posts or they have re-blogged with a lovely comment about my writing.

Since Tygpress happened I have always checked out the blog that has re-shared my posts, and mostly it has been people that I follow, regular commenters or genuine blogs that I have then taken a look at and started to follow as they put out their own work which is brilliant.

Yesterday though, I had to disable my re-blog button.  I had a blog share a few posts of mine a short while ago but forgot to check out the blog to see what the blog my work was being shared to was like and the sort of content they were putting out.  I had 2 notifications in quick succession of each other yesterday to say that 2 of my posts had been shared by this blogger.  Having recognised the name of the blogger it jolted my memory and I set about checking this site out.

A couple of things have got me suspicious of the site that re-blogged my work.  Scrolling through their site it seems that all they have ever done is re-blog other peoples posts, never leave a comment why they were re-blogging it, all of the posts are different to each other that have been re-blogged – there is no overarching theme to any of them, the reblogged posts all seem to be on certain days and within minutes of each other, there is no “About” page for the author of the site just a generic contact form, there don’t seem to be any comments on the posts shared but a few likes here and there, and the comments that I left on my re-blogged content asking for my posts to be removed seem to have been deleted.

Something doesn’t feel right to me about this, so what should I do?  Any advice would be greaty appreciated.

21 thoughts on “How do You Feel About Re-Blogs?

  1. I had never heard of that scam either! I should check it out when I have some time!

    I’m usually ok with reblogs but I really do hate when someone just has a site full of reblogged material.

      1. oh wow! That’s insanity! Like I can understand why people would take professional research and stuff, that’s hard and expensive to do research and you have to do it yourself and sort it all out and stuff and some people are lazy and have no ethics lol BUT like why would someone steal from personal blogs? It’s not like they can claim it as their own?

        PS I do not support either type of stealing of work, just saying that I can understand why unethical people would do the first kind.

  2. I took a look at the pingbacks in your recent comments and I think I know what site you’re referring to. The site doesn’t appear to be monetized, and if you click on any of the posts listed on the home page, there’s a “published by” and then a long blurb about the author. So I suspect it’s just an individual person trying to fill up their site with content, likely to try to promote their books (they have several listed on Amazon).

    I suspect that if you have a reblog button and someone uses it, that’s considered fair use and not a copyright issue.

    1. Thanks for that! And for doing a bit of research for me! Since the tygpress thing I’m always a bit wary of reblog a when I don’t know who they are and there are batches of my posts being reblogged… makes me feel a bit uncomfortable! If I can see who the rebloggers are (like I know them from the blogosphere) and they have their own posts too I don’t really mind! Xxx

    1. I can’t believe you found it! Lol! I’d forgotten all about that! It was mine and a girl from uni and the artist Alexia Mellor! We worked together on a project for Pontypool! Xxx

    1. I don’t normally mind reblogs as usually it’s a blog I follow and have interactions with, or someone who shares my posts for a reason but, since Tygpress, I have been a bit more wary of when things get reblogged. Xxx

  3. I don’t have any issue with reblogs. The only time they are a little irritating is when I am trying to get through all the posts from other bloggers that appear in my reader. I see the blogger’s original post, then further up I see another blogger reblogging it, then further up someone else reblogging it. But I think that is the bloggers with a bigger reader base promoting another blogger, so I guess it is thoughtful thing for them to be doing,

  4. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them. I prefer the kind where it shows a one-sentence preview then provides a hyperlink to the original post if the reader wants to see the rest. People who clog up the Reader by re-blogging posts all through the day are more annoying, lol.

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