This Month On The Blog


It’s hard to believe we have passed the halfway mark of this year and are now just a few meer months away from Winter!  Before the cold and damp weather hits us, and the evenings start to draw in we should celebrate all that August has to offer us.

On the blog for August, I have the regular weekly features

  • Monday – Saturday Shout Out Ad
  • Wednesday – Words on Wednesday
  • Thursday – Top 10
  • Saturday – Saturday Shout Out share
  • Sunday – Weekly Roundup

Monthly features

  • Recipe of the Month
  • Monthly Goals
  • In Case You Missed

Other posts I have planned for this month are

  • Beauty product review
  • How I plan my blog schedule
  • Blog Award
  • Room Tour
  • Book Review
  • Favourite seasonal outfit
  • Things I am looking forward to




17 thoughts on “This Month On The Blog

    1. Lol! My old blog was like that but I never settled into a routine and I’ve learned that I need structure and routine to do all the things I want to and need to!!! I’d love to have my blog at such a point where I blog like you, yours has a routine even if it’s not scheduled! Xxxx

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      1. Lol the only thing I have a routine for right now is Saturday. And that’s just because I have my Saturday questions and my newly posted chapter for my webseries. I miss blogging every day and I have time but after teaching I come home to do prep and then just want to watch Netflix and do nothing lol

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      2. Sometimes doing nothing is what we need to reset and recharge! And you have had a massive change in your daily routine too and tons to get used to with moving and your new job! I love your Saturday questions!!! Xxx

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      3. Awww thanks! You are too sweet!! I did manage a post tonight and I’ll hopefully write one tomorrow. And I have a few other posts that need to go up as well, it’s just being motivated to do them 😂 I’ll take your love and hopefully that’ll help me get them down

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    1. It definitely is! Do you find it is a personality thing or do you think it’s an aspiration thing? I’ve seen a few of your posts before about how you organise your blog, we both seem to thrive on organisation! Xxx

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      1. I think it’s truly us, we need established routine, to stabilise our minds to a bigger percentage than many others. I am not very good on spur of the moment. I have an established routine that eliminates a lot of the stress of sudden change and within that routine l have a lot of flexibility, but ‘l control the output and input of my bubble’ – so to the outsider l am very fixed, but the truth is, l am not, not really, just like things to be compartmentalised and inside those cubicles there is a lot of free movement.

        So, yes l am organised – Tick 1
        Yes, l am stabilised – Tick 2
        Yes l am routine established, Tick 3
        Yes l am adverse unplanned change … Tick 4

        But within all of that organisation there is a timetable of flexibility. I run 35 series and daily events over the course of a thirty day period, so as long as l have my three mains go out daily, the rest of the day is on flexi.

        Suze says it’s very complex at first glance – but it’s not, not really under detailed viewing, it’s actually very open to ‘my changes’

        The end game game is simple – we need organisation to feed our stimulated minds, without it we struggle to remain composed 🙂

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      2. I think the other thing is that what many others may not be …. that is we are unnecessarily hard on ourselves if we don’t achieve what we expect ourselves to achieve. Many others can rely on spontaneity whereas we cannot function like that.

        Maybe it’s just me, but because l plan things to a very fine detail within my own version of flexibility if l don’t achieve that – NO, it’s not the end of the world, but l am still very disappointed in myself ha ha 🙂

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      3. Oh, goodness, yes! I know I feel awful if I don’t achieve what I have set out to! I’m my own worst critic. I have to plan everything otherwise I can’t do anything at all! Xxx

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      4. Yes to all of this!!! I have to write everything down and plan my days out ahead of time! I hate last minute changes or things that change my routines! And I really don’t like to be interrupted when I am trying to do something too! especially in work, I like to focus on one task and then move onto the next task rather than have to stop one task to do something else, then go back to the original task! It can cause problems but I find I can’t concentrate properly and it takes me ages to get back into what I was doing before the interruption! Xxx

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      5. Sadly the same. Sometimes my own Suze comes in and breaks my hyperfocus and then l really struggle to get my foothold mentally again where l was , it can be very frustrating … 🙂

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