Weekly Roundup 14/07/19 – 20/07/19


  • Sunday 14/07/19

I woke really early this morning, put some washing on and had a coffee.  I then had a shower and went to my friend’s house and picked up some laundry (they currently don’t have a washing machine and usually do all their washing in work), came home and emptied the washing machine of my wash before loading it up with theirs.  I then worked on my blog for a bit before my other friend popped by.  We went out for late lunch to a local pub then came back here.  My friend needed to do some things for work on the computer so I left them to it and went into the garden.  I potted up some peas and bean (a bit late I know, but I’ve been told by a reliable source that they should still grow!).  After I’d done that and my friend had finished work we sat and watched a film together.

  • Monday 15/07/19

Worked today though nothing much happened really, it was just a normal day! I finished at 4:00pm and popped to see my friend for an hour then came back home.  My other friend called in after they had finished work and we watched a film and chatted.  It was a really nice evening.  After they had gone I did a few blog-related things then had an early night!  I was shattered!

  • Tuesday 16/07/19

Worked until 6:00pm today as I had a few things that I wanted to finish and get off of my desk for the following day.  My friend came over and we had some food and watched a bit of tv before they headed home.  I called my Mum and Dad who are on holiday in Cornwall and it sounded like they were having a lovely break!

  • Wednesday 17/07/19

Another workday, and aside from it being a bit too noisy for my liking it felt like the day went quick!  I came home and made a coffee but fell asleep on the sofa before I could drink it.  I woke around 8:30pm.  Once I woke I played around on Canva for a bit before heading to bed with Roxy.  I don’t know why but I felt really lacking in motivation and energy today.

  • Thursday 18/07/19

Work today was a bit better noise-wise, we had a team meeting about annual leave and volume of work that needs to be done which seemed to change the team dynamics a bit.  I finished at 5:00pm and headed home.  My friend came by for the evening which was filled with food, laughs and films before they went back.  I managed to have another early night!

  • Friday 19/07/19

Dress down Friday in work today!  I love dress down Fridays!  It rained pretty much all day today which was good as my lawn and plants really needed to be watered!  I had a half-day so clocked off at 12:05pm and headed to town to do some food shopping.  Once that was done and the car loaded up I then called into Tkmaxx for a look around before heading to Pets At Home which had a sale on fish tanks.  The tank I have been eyeing up for aaaaaggggggeeeeesss was in the sale but was still a bit too expensive to buy (I may ask for it as a Birthday present though…).  I got home and unpacked my shopping and put it away.  I hate putting the shopping away, it seems to take forever!  Once that was done I sat and worked on some blog bits along with a few other ideas that I have!  I had a few beers and then went to bed.

  • Saturday 20/07/19

I slept in way too long, waking at 12:55pm.  I got up and had a coffee, half-watched something on tv while catching up on blog posts and deciding what I was going to do for the day.  I decided to nip to town to get a few things after getting changed.  Once home I decided to have a swap around of some furniture, one thing led to another and I ended up moving things around in my dining room, living room and bedroom.  The house was a state as I had to empty off shelving and move it, clean the shelves and put things back on them, moved some books, finally moved the pallets that I had been given from the living room, dismantled my old bed, made my pallet bed, moved some more things around and now everywhere needs a good hoover!  I also need to do a few tip runs but there is always tomorrow right?  Now it is 11:45pm and I have a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge that I am going to break into and treat myself to a glass of!


What have you been up to this week?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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