Weekly Roundup 07/07/19 – 13/07/19


  • Sunday 07/07/19

Today I woke to my phone ringing, my ex was in town and wanted to pop by after he had finished shopping.  I got up and got dressed, by that time he was just pulling up outside the house.  We spent much of the day mowing the lawn it was super long and I thought I may have needed to borrow a strimmer to tackle it but the mower worked really well, though we did need to keep stopping and starting as the mower is old and we didn’t want to burn the motor out.  Once that was done it was late afternoon, my ex headed home and I went for a shower, put my pjs on and watched a bit of My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix before heading to bed.  Fresh air and gardening really wiped me out and I was asleep by 10:00pm!

  • Monday 08/07/19

Today was a quiet day in work as we had finalized all the work for the months’ payment.  I was able to make a start on next months’ payment so that was good.  I finished work at 4:00pm (thank you flexi-time!) as my back was hurting from gardening on Sunday and I was starting to feel really achy from sitting at my desk all day.  I got home and changed and did some gentle stretching exercises that helped a bit.  Later, my friend called in and we finished watching About Time.  We then started watching Book of Life as part of our A-Z film challenge!

  • Tuesday 09/07/19

Not much happened in work today, it was really warm and I found it hard to cool down.  even with the fans on and windows open there didn’t seem to be much air but I suppose that is one of the joys of working in an open plan office.  I had a really bad headache so decided to head home at 4:30pm, had a nap until nearly 8:00pm.  I got up and worked on some blog things with Roxy overlooking what I was up to! I didn’t get back into bed until gone midnight as I really wasn’t particularly tired after my nap.

  • Wednesday 10/07/19

Today more of the screens were open for payment processing which meant more of a variety of things to process which made the day go much quicker!  I left work at 5:00pm and my friend came over.  We finished watching the Book of Life and I chose a film for C.  I chose Chappie which is about AI and robots and how one of the robots is able to develop a consciousness.  We started watching it and decided to finish it the following day as we were both a bit tired.  After my friend left, Roxy and I headed to bed.

  • Thursday 11/07/19

Today was spent processing and filing paperwork, the day went pretty quick and I seemed to get a lot accomplished.  I worked through until 6:00pm as I had a few things I wanted to complete for the following day.  I always like working after 5:00pm as the office is always quiet, most people leave between 4:00pm and 5:00pm, and I find that the systems speed up and I can get lots of things done.  I came home and my friend headed over.  We went shopping and chose pizza and potato wedges for tea.  After cooking we sat down and finished watching Chappie on Netflix.  It was my friends turn to choose the next film, the letter D, and they settled on Dumplin’ which has Jennifer Aniston in it.  We had a good, chilled out evening with lovely food.

  • Friday 12/07/19

I love Friday’s at work!  Not only for the promise of a few days off over the weekend to recharge and unwind but because Fridays in work are dress down days!  And dress down days for me mean a little bit more of a lie in as clothing for dress down days require less thinking about and less prep work with the overall look!  I decided to wear my acid wash cropped jeans and a white shirt with my favorite flat Moshulu shoes and felt like an art student again!  Work went really smooth, if not a bit too noisy for my liking and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty tired.  I got home not long after 6:00pm, had a coffee and went to start some blog work but felt really tired and drained.  I asked Roxy if she wanted to go to sleep for a bit, she charged upstairs and settled onto the bed so I joined her.  I planned on sleeping for an hour or so but woke 3 hours later.  I got up and worked on some graphics for my blog before getting back into bed at 12:20am.

  • Saturday 13/07/19

I’ve spent much of the day asleep, waking after 2:00pm in the afternoon.  I’ve not felt like doing much today and have spent much of it curled up on the sofa with Roxy just reading blogs and watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I have had a headache which I was aware of not long after waking, these seem to be becoming more frequent and I’m not sure whether they are air pressure related or something else.  I’ve also spent time worrying about the amount of sleep I have had this last few days, though I’ve not come to any sort of conclusion.  Maybe I should go and see the dr to get checked out?  I’m still feeling tired and worn out in general but I don’t want to go to bed too early so, for now, I’m just trying to keep myself awake for a while.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 07/07/19 – 13/07/19

  1. You are working hard and burning the candle at both ends..normal 🤣. It’s been really hot too hun and that will make you tired.
    If you are worried it won’t hurt to ask the Dr. I think you are just busy. Enjoy life 💜💜

    1. Thanks! I think it’s all weather related to be honest! I’m feeling a lot better today and seem to have my energy back to normal! How are you? Xxxx

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