Top 10 Photos I Took Last Month


I seem to take a vast, huge amount of photos every month, according to my phone a grand total of 681 for June!  today I decided to choose 10 of my favorite photos of the previous month to share with you!


1.  Roxy playing with her nephew Zeus.  Roxy is the smaller of the two!


2.  Zeus and I.  I can’t believe how big his head is!


3. My brother and I having a pint in our “local” in London.


4.  Graffiti carved on a tree in a park in Westminster.


5.  Paper snails!


6.  A beetle we found on our way to William Morris’ Red House.


7.  The cute well at William Morris’ house.


8.  Beautiful roses in the garden at William Morris’ house.  They looked amazing and smelled beautiful too.


9.  Lovely homemade tomato soup that my sister in law made.


10 and bonus 11.  Roxy Puppercakes being all cute!



15 thoughts on “Top 10 Photos I Took Last Month

    1. I call her lots of different names! She sometimes goes by Scoots, Magoo, Sweet P (short for sweet potato), Potato Head, Scoobs, scooby doo… lol! Xxx

      1. Haha! I’m the same with my dog. His proper name is Clooney (not after George), but he gets chub chubs, shmunchie, hunny bunny, love bug, chubs, smoochie, my dad calls him Clooney looney lol

    1. Thank you! Yeah! I downloaded them from Pinterest! My nephew thought they were carrots but I told him they were magic carrots and he was amazed! Xxx

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