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House plants are an easy way to bring the outdoors in, they add a bit of life and interest to otherwise bare areas and can help to improve the air quality in the home.  There have also been reports, recently, that caring for house plants can help to lower stress levels, improve our mood and help with mental health.

I have several houseplants which have survived nearly a whole year, I’m quite proud of that as most plants I have had in the past have generally lasted a few weeks or months.  The trick, I have found is to assess what kind of environment the plants need, is it bright, sunny, warm spaces or do they prefer darker cooler spots?  Does the plant mind a draft or will they thrive in areas with little to no drafts?  Other things to consider are how easy the plant is to maintain, for example, does the plant need a lot of watering and caring for, or is it happy to be watered whenever?  Does the plant need regular dead-heading or de-leafing or some kind of pruning or can it just be left to do its thing?

I have learned over time that I am terrible when it comes to watering plants, I tend to forget when they have been watered which can lead to them being overwatered or not watering them enough.  I have also come to realize that I’m not the sort of person that wants to faff around with pruning, dead-heading or de-leafing, a simple routine of watering every now and again and dusting off the leaves occasionally is good for me!

Plants that I have found to be easy to care for are

Areca Fern (which I have in my bathroom) which was purchased in Wilkinsons around a year ago.

Dragon Plant (in my living room) bought from my local Wilkinsons store when I moved in last year.

Peace Lily (in my living room) which was given to me as a moving in present nearly a year ago.  This has only flowered once but I’m hoping that it will flower again at some point!


Cactus and succulents (in my dining area).  I have had the cacti in the red bowl for 10 years and the succulents are around 3 years old.  I picked up the cacti in my local garden center and the succulents came from my local Tesco.

Avocado trees, which I grew from the stone, in my dining area window.  They are now around 4 years old.

Aloe Vera (which is thriving on my kitchen windowsill).  I bought this a few years ago from Ikea, it seemed like a healthy plant when I bought it but a week or so later it seemed to be dying, after a bit of TLC it has perked up and is now looking pretty healthy!

I am really pleased that all my plants seem to be doing well, and knowing that they can improve my overall mood and health is an added benefit.

What sort of houseplants do you have?  Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “House Plants

  1. 🙂 You are blessed with a green thumb. Those plants of yours are beautiful and healthy-looking!

    I have some houseplants that I do not even know the name of.

    However, I have some cacti and aloe vera plants.

  2. I tend to be quite the plant killer. Even succulents I’ve never done well with. However, I do have a plant (possibly a golden pathos?) that my realtor gave me 14 years ago, and it’s still going strong.

  3. I usually get bored with plants in my house very quickly so I have stopped getting them. But I am super impressed that you were able to grow an avocado plant!! My mom used to try that all the time when I was younger but was never able to get it to grow roots. When will you be able to get fruit off of it?!

    1. It was super easy to grow, I just followed the instructions similar to those that I linked to! I have no idea if they will ever fruit but I’m hoping that one day they will!!! Xxx

  4. While I know this Post is about plants, I noticed the doll in one of your pictures. Can you share about her? I collect dolls, but mainly by Madame Alexander.

    1. She’s a chiltern doll that was my mother’s! She’s super old and we call her bonk eye Sandra… one of her eyes is broken and half rolled around in her head! I can’t ever remember it not being broken! My mum or grandmother made the clothes, the white coat with a dress underneath was one outfit and the pink hat was from another dolls outfit! Xxx

  5. I have cactus – the only thing I haven’t managed to kill. I have one that is 27 years old this year. I’m going to do a blog My DIY Cactus Cafe and it will be the highlight so you’ll see it sooner or later lol Your plants all look happy and healthy and vibrant. Great idea to share plants that don’t die easy!!

  6. Some great looking healthy plants there Suzi.

    I have or rather Suze and l have several Aloes in the house, next to some kitchen herbs. I do have my Avacado which lives in the house during the winter months, but is currently in the greenhouse doing remarkably well and has now grown so big from a stone of like yours planted June 2015, that l am quite unsure how she is going to come back into my office for this winter, l think we may have to fleece her for 2019/2020.

    House plants are awesome to have in the house for all the reasons you have mentioned, but also for yet’ another sense of achievement 🙂

    1. Thanks! I love aloes as you can use them for so much as well as being a lovely plant! And avocados always surprise me with how quickly they seem to grow!!! Xxx

  7. My once small aloe vera is huge, keep repotting. It now has pups. Spider plants are obviously easy and you get loads of free ones from the babies too. I was told philodendron grow fast, but my heart leaf one is inching along slowly, and I wanted it to trail. Aspidistra are easy and have a retro look, and I am managing to nurture cuttings from that.

    1. I had a huge spider plant years ago and it did so well…. I ended up giving it to a friend when I moved last time! I’ve never heard of philodendron but it sounds lovely! Xxx

  8. Nice work on those plants. 👍 I have sundews, venus flytrap, pygmy sundews, and a variety of asian pitcher plants inside my home. Happt planting!

  9. Looks to me like you’re doing a grand job keeping these plant kids healthy! 👍🏼 I love your selection too. They are some of my favorites. Low maintenance is really nice! 😀 Love the display on your peace lily.

    Phalaenopsis orchids are my personal favorites. Despite their reputation, they’re actually quite hardy if you know what they need. Best of all, once you know what they need, they need very little of it, making them low maintenance as well.

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