Weekly Roundup 09/06/19 – 15/06/19

  • Sunday 09/06/19

It was one of those really lazy days today. I woke late and eased myself into the day with a coffee. I sat and worked on some blog posts for much of the day, in between getting 2 loads of washing done and some cleaning and tidying. My friend surprised me with a visit in the early evening which was nice. We sat and watched some things on Netflix and chatted. Roxy got spoiled as always with lots of cuddles and treats!

  • Monday 10/06/19

Work seemed to zoom by! I spent much of the day collating statements ready to send out to our payees and I still have more to finish tomorrow before they go in the post. After work I headed home, my friend came over for food. We didn’t do much but it was nice to sit and watch tv. After my friend had gone home, I prepared my lunch for the following day and headed to bed to read for a bit with Roxy.

  • Tuesday 11/06/19

Finished collating the statements in work and got them all into the post today, I then worked on a pile of stuff for payment next month. It’s weird doing a payments job sometimes, I always seem to forget which month we are in, I process pay that is based on things from the previous month to be paid for the following so never really “live” in the present month. Right now we are processing items that happened in May for pay in July. No wonder I can’t keep track of the days or months at times!

  • Wednesday 12/06/19

I worked today but got to leave at 3 because I had built up enough flexi-time! I got home and packed Roxy’s things as she is going to stay with her hooman Daddy while I am away in London. He came to collect her when I got home from work. Spent the evening sorting out what I wanted to take with me to London for my trip and starting to pack my things! It was really odd not having Roxy at home with me.

  • Thursday 13/06/19

Had work again today which went by without anything interesting happening! After work I had to drop my car down to my parent’s house, my Dad is going to give it a service while I’m away. My friend followed me down to Mum and Dads to be able to give me a lift home, we had a lovely evening with them, had a nice catch-up and a cup of tea before heading back. I finished packing and had a shower and went to bed once I’d got in.

  • Friday 14/06/19

Up early this morning, 4:30am, as my friend was sticking me up at 5:30am to take me to the bus stop for my bus to London. It rained a lot in the night which kept waking me up but, weirdly, I don’t feel too tired at the moment!  Got to my brothers at around 11:00 and had a cup of coffee, lunch and then went for a walk.  We came back to his house and chilled for a bit before going to collect my niece and nephew from school.  We came back and played with the kids before my sister in law came home from work.  My brother cooked us dinner and then we went for another walk and a visit to the local pub rounded off the night.

  • Saturday 15/06/19

Woke up from a lovely sleep and had a shower before we all sat and had breakfast of banana pancakes!  We got dressed, my brother and I got ready to head to Westminster.  We got the train from Lewisham to Victoria and then walked to the Grange Wellington Hotel for the 5th Bloggers Bash!  We had a really lovely day and learned a lot, it was really interesting to listen to all of the speakers and their experiences.  We also had a flat lay workshop that was brilliant!  We headed back to Victoria and back to the house.  Feeling tired now!

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  1. Hi Suzi, I am always so impressed by bloggers who give a run down of their week.
    I enjoyed the chat with you and your brother , I am glad you enjoyed the day, it was great wasn’t it.💜

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