Saturday Shout Out – Wood Create!!!

Shout Out to Wood Create!!!

Today’s shout out goes to Wood Create, a new to me blog that has been running for just under 2  years!

Wood Create is a blog about gardening and home improvements that offers lots of inspiration and ideas for your home and garden.

Ben, who runs Wood Create, talks about some of his favourite posts…

My favourite post also happens to be my most popular. How to build your own veranda. I get lots of views and interaction from this post which is very rewarding to know that people are interested in what I do and to know I’m helping similar minded people.

My second favourite post is ‘How to build your own shed from scratch’. I loved carrying out this project, documenting each step and then writing about it for my blog. Again it was great to provide content for like-minded people who are taking on similar challenges to me.

Lastly, ‘£50 credit and 4 more reasons to choose renewable energy company Bulb’. There’s something in this one for everyone, including me. Renewable energy is the future, vitally important to the planet and this company offers great rates and credit for referrals. Win, win. 😊

A fun fact about Wood Create, which is also really lovely is

This is a family run blog and shop in which we all get involved, even our kids who are 4 and 6 years old. Everyone has something to share on the blog and we all get involved with making and creating to add new and exciting content for all to read.

I have really enjoyed reading the posts that Ben has written, especially building your own shed for under £500!  I am thinking about adding a shed to my garden at some point and this has been so interesting and helpful to read!

You can find Wood Create over at




If you haven’t already, please go and check out Wood Create, it really is a fab blog packed full of interesting projects!

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