Top 10 Good Blogger Habits

Top 10 Good Blogger Habits

As a blogger, there are so many habits that you should form in order to improve your blogging experience, your reader’s experience and to make blog life a whole lot more interesting.  Today’s Top 10 focuses on my all time Good Blogger Habits.

  • Be consistent.  Whether you post once a month, once a week, or every day, make sure that you post consistently.  Your readers are more likely to return if they know when to expect a blog post from you.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar check.  Bad spelling, grammar and punctuation can stop so many people from reading a post, and with so many different tools available to assist with checking that it is worth running checks before posting.  I am currently using Grammarly which has been really easy to install and use.
  • Images.  I love looking at images contained in blog posts and there are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to adding an image that it can sometimes be hard to work out what image is best.  My basic rule is that the image should be clear, well lit and not contain too much clutter and that it should be relevant to the post.  Do not add images that are not relevant just because you think a post needs it.  I would much rather read a post with no images than one that is peppered with irrelevant pictures.
  • Connect.  Find other bloggers who write about things that you are interested in or that write in your niche, join in with conversations in the comments and take part in some things that other bloggers run.
  • Be true to yourself.  Write about what you are interested in.  Your hobbies, interests, ambitions, skills, what you live for.  People are much more interested in a post that is written with a passion behind it than a post that you have forced yourself to write that covers something that you have no interest in.
  • Share what you are comfortable with.  If you are not comfortable sharing certain topics with friends and family then don’t share them online.  Only ever write what you are comfortable with everyone and anyone knowing.
  • Schedule.  When you have an idea and the urge to write, sit and utilise that.  I often batch write 3 or 4 posts at a time and make use of the schedule button as I never know when I may not feel like writing.  There really is no shame in scheduling posts in advance.  (Here’s a secret… I wrote this on saturday08/06/19!)
  • Categories and Tags.  Make use of categories and tags.  My one rule is that each post should have one category and up to 10 tags, no more.  I have categories for each type of post that I have and then use the tags to add more info about the post.
  • Check your appearance.  Not so much your own appearance, but your blog’s appearance.  Check how it displays on tablets, mobile phones and computer screens.  So many people use an array of devices these days to read blogs so it is worth making sure that everything on your blog displays perfectly across all devices.
  • Have fun.  Fun is a huge factor in blogging.  It is what keeps me coming back time and again to write and create posts and content.  Remember that it is your blog and you can do with it what you want.  And when the fun starts to wain think of ways you can bring the fun back!  (Ask questions of your audience, read other blogs in your niche to see what they are writing about, use a search engine…there are lots of ideas out there if you start to look!)

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Good Blogger Habits

    1. Me too! I’d probably either write all my posts and you’d get 20 off me in one day and then nothing for a year or just write a line each day! Xxx

  1. I believe I follow most of those. Minus the Schedule. I rarely miss, but to me, a schedule of topics would seem more like school work, which I really don’t want to go back to.
    Unless it’s Future Learn and I have to wait until I get more data.

    1. Lol! Know what you mean about schedule! I think once you are in a routine with blogging then a schedule isn’t really necessary unless you want to keep track of when you post about a certain topic xxx

  2. I’ve found (very) recently that scheduling is really useful when 1) I’ve got commitments that won’t let me blog, like surgery – seriously! 😊 or logistics of a trip, and 2) when I’ve too many ideas and have to get them down and it’s too much for one post. But I like the spontaneous post a lot, and every once in awhile (okay, often) I bump the dates of my sequenced posts to get my spur-of-the-moment one in 😊

    1. I don’t know what I would do without the scheduler! I have tones when I want to write so take full advantage of that but sometimes there are times when I really can’t for one reason or another so I like to have a backlog of posts that are written! Xxx

      1. You sound very successfully flexible, working to fit Time into both your creative impulses and your day-to-day yeah gotta do those chores! A creative feat in itself I think, lol! 😊

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