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Shout Out to The Confusing Middle!!!

Today’s shout out goes to The Confusing Middle!!!  Not long after I started blogging I found The Confusing Middle’s blog and started following, I can’t remember how I found Aaron’s blog but I do know that I enjoy reading his posts.

The Confusing Middle has been running since January 2015 and Aaron says that his blog is about

All the things… It’s evolved a little and may evolve back. I like to share stories and observations from my everyday life. But I’m also a big geek who loves to watch movies and TV, so I have a tendency to share my thoughts about some of the things I’ve seen.

I really like how Aaron blogs about lots of different things, and I especially like the Rewatching series!  Some of the shows that Arron has re-watched and blogged about I had totally forgotten about!

Some of Aaron’s favourite posts are

Life Story: Chapter Forty-Eight – This chapter was about three special people who reached out to me in a time when I needed a friend… or three.

The Reunion Questionnaire – As I was getting ready for my high school reunion last year, I participated in this little “get reacquainted” thing.

The Prince – The story of how I first got interested in writing when I was a kid.

About Me – Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.  (This is one of my favourites too…100 random facts about Aaron!  Such a brilliant idea to get to know someone!)

A fun fact about The Confusing Middle blog is that “This is actually the second blog I’ve kept. The first one was called Carp Dime and I wrote over there for 10 years. But I moved over here to WordPress because the community of bloggers is so much better than it was over there.”

You can find The Confusing Middle over on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Suzi! I’ve been such a slacker on the blog lately, but I’m hoping to get my groove back once the school year winds down in a couple weeks.

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